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E-books - a guide for teachers

Where to find suitable e-books?

In the list to the right, the Library staff has collected links to e-book providers who offer resources in education. DawsonEra and ProQuest Ebook Central provide University of Turku staff with the possibility to preview all books (including those not yet in the Library's collections) for 5 minutes. Many other service providers permit previewing, too.

If you find a suitable book, you can send an acquisition request to the Library. Even if you are not yet sure, whether you can use the book as course readings, you can request a single user version, which will allow you to inspect the book more closely. In such cases it is, nevertheless, good to mention that you are considering to use it as a coursebook.

On the front page of this guide, there is more information about how to find course books and get access to them.

Good to know

Most e-book platforms use either a lock icon or a red-and-green colour code to show whether University of Turku users already have access to a specific e-book.

E-book service providers in Education

UTU Library's coursebook specialist in Education (Turku)

Profile Photo
Lassi Toppinen
Phone: 0503537828, 0294503716

UTU Library's coursebook specialist in Education (Rauma)

Profile Photo
Joni Lanki
+358 (0)29 450 3842