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  • Lo Zingarelli: Vocabolario della lingua italiana + la Zanihelli: Crande enciclopedia di Arti, Scienze, Tecniche, Lettere, Storia, Filosofia, Geografia, Musica, Diritto, Economia, Sport e Spettacolo
  • Il grande dizionario dei Sinonimi e dei Contrari
  • Dizionario Analogico della Lingua Italiana
  • Dizionario delle collocazioni
  • Lo Zingarelli + L'Enciclopedia Zanichelli


Authorised user

Authorised user

  • members of Licensee (University of Turku) limited to research and teaching staff, whether permanent or visiting; employees; students
  • on-site users of the Licensee's library and computer network facilities

Permitted use

Authorised users may

  • access and consult all the monolingual, bilingual, technical and scientific dictionaries, the e-books and the on-line exercises included in the ubidictionary's list by using tools like personal comments, highlights, notes
  • share the products in a dedicated area, protected by  authenticated access with login and password
  • avail a proper framework to translate texts and to create personal business vocabulary, if needed

Prohibited use

Authorised users may not

  • modify or alter the content of the Site, of the Platform and of the Products
  • systematically download, print copy or reproduce on / with any support, extracts of the Products for any scope or intention
  • use whole or part of the product for any commercial scope or for other purposes different from the private use permitted
  • assign or transfer the License for any reason


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