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Authorized user

Authorized users are

  • employees, students, registered patrons, walk-in patrons, or other persons affiliated with Licensee or otherwise permitted to use Licensee's facilities and authorized by Licensee to access Databases or Services.
  • "Authorized User(s)" do not include alumni of the Licensee.

Permitted use

Authorized users may


  • The databases and services made available to authorized users are the subject of copyright protection, and the original copyright owner (EBSCO or its licensors) retains the ownership of the databases and services and all portions thereof.
  • provide on-site access through the sites to the databases and services to any authorized user.
  • search within a book for specific words or phrases
  • save, print, or email chapters or sections
  • copy and paste portions of text for easy access during the research process
  • link to books or book chapters for easy reference or social sharing
  • save a list of favorite books to a personal book shelf
  • generate or export citations to bibliographic management tools
  • save notes to a personal folder with an EBSCOhost account
  • navigate between sections or chapters and the index via linking

Downloading and Printing

  • may download or print limited copies of citations, abstracts, full text or portions thereof, provided the information is used solely in accordance with copyright law
  • create printouts of materials retrieved through the databases or services online printing, offline printing, facsimile or electronic mail. All reproduction and distribution of such printouts, and all downloading and electronic storage of materials retrieved through the databases or services shall be for internal or personal use
  • download titles to mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, Kindle Fires, and Android Devices

Prohibited use

Authorized users may not

  • reproduce, distribute, display, modify, transfer or transmit, in any form, or by any means, any Database or Service or any portion thereof without the prior written consent of EBSCO, except as specifically authorized in this Agreement.
  •  post passwords to the Databases or Services on any publicly indexed websites.
  • publish the information
  • use the Database or Services as a component of or the basis of any other publication prepared for sale and will neither duplicate nor alter the Databases or Services or any of the content therein in any manner, nor use same for sale or distribution
  • Download all or parts of the Databases or Services in a systematic or regular manner so as to create a collection of materials comprising all or part of the Databases or Services whether or not such collection is in electronic or print form. Notwithstanding the above restrictions, this paragraph shall not restrict the use of the materials under the doctrine of "fair use" as defined under the laws of the United States.


Access by IP-address in the university network.

Remote access is permitted for Authorized Users using University of Turku's utu-username.

Remote access to the Databases or Services is permitted to patrons of subscribing institutions accessing from remote locations for personal, non-commercial use. However, remote access to the Databases or Services from non-subscribing institutions is not allowed if the purpose of the use is for commercial gain through cost reduction or avoidance for a non-subscribing institution. Remote access for personal use from these institutions is permissible.

Terms of use