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Social Sciences and Humanities e-books. PDA /EBA e-books published by De Gruyter.

Auhtorized users

Authorized users are

  • Turku university students, researchers and employes
  • walk-in users     

Beyond this, the licensee is not permitted to reproduce the services or to make it available to the public.

Permitted use

Authorized users rights


  • Authorized users are allowed access to the services (materials) for their private use or for purposes of research, to view it and search it.

Printing and electronic copies

  • make individual print-outs or electronic copies of individual articles or chapters which do not constitute more than a small proportion of a service.


  • Services (materials) are copyright-protected in De Gryuter's favour. Use and access are only allowed to the extent expressly permitted by this general license agreement.

Prohibited use

  • The authorized users are not permitted to use or exploit the services in whole or in part by sale to third parties, rent, lease, loan or any other means for commercial or trade purposes.
  • The authorized users are not allowed to make parts of the services available in other networks outside the licensee’s secure network, for example on the internet or the World Wide Web.
  • The authorized users are not permitted to deploy robots, spiders, crawlers or other automated download programs or other aids to search, index or download the services con-tinuously and automatically (e.g. systematic download, deployment of retrieval software).
  • The authorized users may not process, operate on or in any other way alter the services unless this is necessary for the content to be used in accordance with this General License Agreement.
  • De Gruyter reserves the right to withdraw individual products or parts of its services if De Gruyter no longer owns the requisite rights or if there is reasonable cause to suspect that individual prod-ucts or parts of the servicces offend the rights of third parties or are illegal in any other way – for example are defamatory or obscene.
  • Authors’ names, copyright notices, references to registered marks (esp. brands and company names), logos, other references serving identification or relevant to copyright purposes, together with liability exclusions, legal reservations etc. may not be removed, altered or suppressed.


Access rights only apply to the licensee's (Turku university) IP addresses registered with De Gruyter.

Interlibrary loans

The licensee is not permitted to be a commercial party to paid documentation services and to make the service available in whole or in part for this purpose. In exception to this, however, the licensee is allowed to respond to a request by another library to generate a print-out of part of the service (e.g. an eJournal article or an eBook chapter) and to despatch this via non-commercial inter-library loan services. This only applies to paper print-outs; electronic copies may not be made. The use of the “Ariel Interlibrary Loan Software“ for the transmission of a small proportion of the service to a printer/fax of another library is allowed, a transmission to e-mail addresses is not permitted. The transmission of whole eBooks via non-commercial inter-library loan services is not allowed.

Teaching materials

The Licensee (Turku university) and the authorized users may use appropriate parts of the services to produce printed teaching materials for use by the authorized users within the licensee’s authorized sites.