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Turun yliopiston kirjasto

E-aineistojen käyttöehdot: Archives of Human Sexuality and Identity


LGBTQ history and culture since 1940: Part 1

Authorized users

  • Turku university students and faculty
  • walk-in users

Permitted use

Authorized users may

Educational and research purposes

copy, store, use and modify the archived materials provided that

  • each authorized user copies, stores, uses and modifies the archived materials only for the internal educational or research purposes of the client or his or her own personal educational or research purposes
  • authorized user does not distribute the archived materials to any person that is not an authorized user.


  • distrubute insubstantial extracts from the archive materials.
  • provided incidental to some other purpose, for example, inclusion of an illustrative extract in an article for an academic publication, a textbook or an examination paper.
  • provided each extract is immediately followed in clear and legible text by reference to the archive product.
  • provided that no more than three extracts from the archived product may be distributed in a single work, ahere a work includes but is not limited to, an article, a textbook or an examination paper.

Prohibited use

Authorized users may not

Commercial use

  • commercially exploit all or any of the materials that comprise the archive product.

Interlibrary loan

The client may supply to an authorized user of a participating member (recipient), in hard copy format or electronically, a single article or item from the Archived Materials for purposes only of that recipient's research or private study, provided that

  • copy is used by the recipient only in hard copy format
  • the recipient doen't, in hard copy or electronic format, distribute or otherwise make the copy available to any other person
  • the recipient makes no commercial use pof the copy
  • the recipient and the client comply at all times with the rules of the approved library scheme from time to time in force.