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E-aineistojen käyttöehdot: Ebook Central


ProQuest Ebook Central includes e-books from both the Academic Collection and also individually purchased items. The amount of subscribed or owned books is appr. 150.000.


Authorised users


Authorized Users include current members of the faculty and staff of the Licensee (whether on a permanent, temporary, contract or visiting basis) and individuals who are currently studying at the Licensee’s institution, retired faculty, staff and researchers of the Licensee who are permitted to access the Licensee’s secure network.

Permitted use

Electronic titles available on the Ebook Central site are protected by copyright laws. Use is permitted for educational purposes, such as for the purpose of education, teaching and/or research. Authorized users may only use Electronic titles in a manner permitted by law as non-infringing (such as under the Doctrine of Fair Use), such as:

  • Search, download, view, retrieve and display Electronic titles
  • Electronically save copies of reasonable parts of Electronic titles
  • Print off single copies of reasonable parts of Electronic titles in
  • Display, save electronically, print and distribute small portions of Electronic titles in the collections including trademarks, logos and screenshots for the purpose of promotion or testing or for training authorised users.
  • Prepare electronic course packs by making links to Electronic titles at Ebook Central site in a manner that causes a “hit” to be registered on the system for every use
  • Provide to a third party colleague minimal, insubstantial amounts of materials retrieved from the Electronic titles for personal use or scholarly, educational or scientific research use in hard copy or electronically
  • Provide single printed or electronic copies of reasonable parts of Electronic titles in the Collections to other Authorized Users provided that each Electronic title is retrieved directly from the Ebook Central site in a manner that causes a “hit” to be registered on the system for every copy
  • Authorized User of an educational institution may electronically display Electronic titles to multiple individuals during class time for teaching and demonstration purposes

Prohibited use

Authorized users are prohibited from using Electronic Titles in a manner that infringes copyrights. Printing is technically limited, depending on the title.


Access only with University of Turku's utu-username.