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E-aineistojen käyttöehdot: eMarketer


eMarketer covers the global digital ecosystem: digital marketing, media and commerce.
It has a particular interest in understanding how consumers spend their time and money and how marketers communicate with them via digital channels.

eMarketer’s data and insights address how consumers spend time and money, and what marketers are doing to reach them in today’s digital world.
It answers any question about the digital marketplace quickly, with the most-trusted information available.

The service provides global coverage on:
• Advertising Budgets & Spending
• B2B Marketing
• Content Marketing
• Demographics
• Display Marketing
• Ecommerce & Retail
• Email Marketing
• Industries
• Marketing Technology
• Media & Device Usage
• Mobile & Tablets
• Search Marketing
• Social Media
• Video

Authorised user

Authorised User

  • students, faculty, staff, researchers,
  • walk-in and on-site users

Permitted use

Authorised Users may

  • view the product
  • selectively download complete items and parts of items from the Products, to computer memory, disks or other electronic media, or to laser or magnetic media and may use these copies for Licensee’s internal use
  • selectively make paper copies of complete items and parts of items within the Products, and may use these copies for Licensee’s internal use
  • use or modify data provided in Licensor’s databases solely for Licensee’s internal use in the ordinary course of business. This includes internal learning, teaching, research, and electronic learning management systems.
  • excerpt, paraphrase, or quote from any single report and database, with the remark appropriately attributed provided that the Licensor copyright notice is affixed thereto
  • include aforementioned excerpts, paraphrases, and quotes in internal academic communication and internal electronic learning management systems
  • store and use the Products indefinitely

Prohibited use

Authorised Users may not

  • copy, duplicate, distribute, or create derivative works of the report or any portion thereof.
  • no such excerpt, paraphrasing, or quotation shall (a) modify or alter the general impressions of the report or (b) imply sponsorship, approval, or endorsement
  • publish, sell, or distribute for any external purposes  the data in raw or undigested form or in any form that allows reverse engineering to recreate the data in raw form.
  • remove or alter any logo, trademark, or copyright or other proprietary notices on the database.



Access by IP-address in the university network.

Remote access is permitted for Authorized Users using University of Turku's utu-username.