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E-aineistojen käyttöehdot: IET Digital Library


IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) Digital Library includes the following:

  • Telecommunications (58 e-books)
  • Security (5 e-books)

Authorised user

Authorised users:

  • Employees of the Licensee
  • Students of the Licensee officially registered at the Authorised Sites
  • Persons with legal access to the Licensee's collections and facilities, via the Licensee's Serure Network
  • Walk in Users

Permitted use

Authorised users may

  • Read, download, save or print content from the Licensed Materials solely for the non-commercial, educational and research purposes of the Licensee and the Authorised Users at the Authorised Sites
  • Quote brief extracts from the content of the Licensed Materials which may be used for "person to person" and non-commercial, non-systematic scholarly exchanges of information purposes only provided that all such extracts are accompanied with an acknowledgement that they have been obtained from the Licensed Materials.
  • incorporate parts of the Licensed Materials in printed or electronic course packs or in a virtual learning environment for the Authorised Users ... at the Licensee's institution, provided that
    • such electronic course packs or the virtual learning environment are accessed via the Licensee's Secure Network only
    • the incorporated parts are acconpanied with 
      • an acknowledgement that they have been obtained from the Licensed Materials and Platform
      • an acknowledgement of the title, author and publisher of the incorporated parts.


Prohibited use

Authorised users may not

  • copy, amend, modify or alter in any way the content of the Platform and/or Licensed Materials, including removing or altering the author's names, copyright notices or any other information that appears on the Platform and/or in the Licensed materials
  • systematically make printed or electronic copies of multiple extracts or make multiple copies of any part of the Platform and /or Licensed Materials for any purpose
  • systematically or programmatiically download ...large amounts of content from the Platform
  • publicly display or distribute any part of the Platform or Licensed Materials in other that the Licensee's Secure Networks
  • use for any type of commercial use
  • systematically distribute to anyone other than the Authorised Users


Access by IP-address in the university network.

Remote access is permitted for Authorised Users using University of Turku's utu-username.


A hard copy printed from the original digital form may be supplied to a non-for-profit institutional library within the same country as the Licensee by mail.