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E-aineistojen käyttöehdot: European Pharmacopoeia


European Pharmacopoeia Online Version

Authorised user

Authorized user

  • Employees, faculty, staff and students officially  affiliated  with  University of Turku.

Permitted use

Authorized users may

  • shall only use the EPO information service for his/her proper purposes.
  • view, save and/or print the information
  • copy and permanently store a selection of  the licensed data into his/her computer

Prohibited use

Authorized users may not

  • grant access or transfer the licensed data in whole or in part to third parties
  • feed the data into an intranet and commercial information brokerage
  • use the licensed data for commercial purposes
  • Translate, edit, arrange and make other changes to the licensed data and the public communication, representation or performance


Access by IP-address in the university network.

Remote access is permitted for Authorized Users using University of Turku's utu-username.