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Approx. 40 medical e-books

Authorized user

Authorized user

  • current members of staff and faculty of the University of Turku
  • students of the University of Turku
  • walk-in-users, who are physically present in the Library

Permitted use

Authorized users may

  • Authorized Users shall only be permitted to access and utilize Subscribed Materials for internal research or study purposes

Prohibited use

Authorized users may not

  • copy, transmit, rent, lend, sell, or modify any materials from Content or modify or remove any proprietary notices contained therein, or create derivative works or services based on materials from the Content
  • modify, remove or obscure any copyright or other proprietary notices included in the Subscribed Materials.
  • use the Site or Content for commercial purposes, including but not limited to the sale of materials from the Content, access to the Site or bulk reproduction or distribution of the Content.
  • forward or disseminate any portion of the Content through electronic means, including without limitation mail lists or electronic bulletin boards.


Access by IP-address in the university network.

Remote access is permitted for University of Turku's staff, faculty and students using University of Turku's utu-username.