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E-aineistojen käyttöehdot: ARTstor


ARTstor is a digital library of approximately 700,000 images in the areas of art, architecture, the humanities, and social sciences with a set of tools to view, present,and manage images for research and pedagogical purposes.

Authorized user

Authorized user

  • individuals officially affiliated with Licensee (University of Turku)  (such a staff, faculty, enrolled students, volunteer staff, and affiliated researchers)
  • individuals not officially affiliated with Licensee but who have an educational or scholarly or similar association with Licensee (such as visiting researchers and lectures)
  • individual physically present in the facilities of Licensee ("Walk-In Users)

Permitted use

Authorized users may


  • use for educational and/or scholarly uses (including reproductions, distributions, displays and performances) that are noncommercial in nature
  • access and use the ARTstor Digital Library


  • print only that amount of ARTstor Content that is reasonably necessary for Permitted Uses
  • print only using the print function(s) appearing in the ARTstor Digital Library, which limits the resolution of such printed ARTstor Content, and which automatically displays text at the bottom of the print copies indicating that they are licensed for noncommercial educational and scholarly uses only


  • download ARTstor Content  from the ARTstor Digital Library for Permitted Uses only and download only that amount of ARTstor Content that is reasonably necessary for Permitted Uses
    • may not be available to anyone other than Licensee, Authorized Users, limited number of scholars, researchers, or curators to whom work by an Authorized User that incorporates ARTstor Content is made available for purposes of collaboration, comment, or similar educational or scholarly use
  • download ARTstor Content only through the download function(s) provided in the ARTstor Digital Library


  • distribute and make available limited ARTstor Content that is incorporated in a work of Authorized User to limited numbers of scholars, researchers, or curators for purposes of collaboration, comment, or similar educational or scholarly use, if such use and distribution conforms to the customary and usual practice in the field
  • reproduce copies in limited quanties as reasonable necessary for Permitted Uses


  • reproduce, distribute, display and make performances with ARTstor Content, for the following Permitted Uses
    • classroom instruction and related classroom activities
    • student assignments and research (including course reserves)
    • research activities of faculty, scholars, and curators
    • public display or public performance as part of a noncommercial scholarly or educational presentation, such as in an educational, cultural, or scholarly seminar, class, lecture, conference, exhibit, or workshop, or a similar noncommercial professional activity
    • use in a student, faculty, or curatorial portfolio, including non-public display thereof
    • use in research or a dissertation, including reproductions of the dissertation provided such reproductions are only for personal use, library deposit, and/or use solely within the institution(s) with which the Authorized User and /or his or her faculty or curatorial readers are affiliated

Prohibited use

Authorized users may not

Commercial use

  • access, use, reproduce, display, make performances, or distribute the ARTstor Digital Library and/or the ARTstor Content for any commercial purposes

Printing and downloading

  • export, download, or print, or attempt to export, download, or print, substantial portions of the ARTstor Digital Library
  • download, export, or otherwise remove ARTstor Content from the restricted ARTstor Digital Library in any format or medium for any purpose


  • distribute, make available, and/or attempt to make available any of the ARTstor Content (whether alone or incorporated into other materials) to persons and/or entities other than
    • Licensee and/or its Authorized Users
    • the audience members at a scholarly or educational presentation, lecture, seminar, or similar activity conducted by Licensee and/or its Authorized Users in any way that infringes another's Intellectual Property Rights therein under the laws of any country


  • use, reproduce, display, make performances of or distribute the ARTstor Digital Library and/or ARTstor Content


  • provide and/or authorize access to the ARTstor electronic database, such as through the sharing of passwords, to persons or entities other than Authorized Users
  • incorporate ARTstor Content into a unrestricted database or website or make available to others (electronically or otherwise) except as permitted herein
  • incorporate ARTstor Content into print or electronic materials that are for purchase or are disseminated for commercial purposes (such as by a scholarly or commercial press)
  • make any adaptation or modification of ARTstor Content obtained from the ARTstor Digital Library


Access by IP-address in the university network.

Remote access is permitted for Authorized Users using University of Turku's utu-username.