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E-aineistojen käyttöehdot: British online archives


Microform Academic Publishers provides the best historical original material for the humanities and social science disciplines. Archive contains data related to e.g. Great Britain's former colonies.

Authorised user

Authorised user

  • all current faculty members, researches, students and employees whether full- or part-time
  • persons be present on the Licensee's premises and use a Networked Computer

Permitted use

Authorised Users may


  • any use of the Publication that is consistent with the principles of Fear Dealing for private study and research as set forth in UK copyright law
  • make use of the Publication for the purpose of display to individuals or groups in lecturews, seminars, museums, galleries, reading rooms and offices on its premises


  • print multiple copies of an instubstantial portion of the Publication as handsouts to students and other participants in courses or lectures offered by the Licensee on its premises or, in the case if feepaying distance-learning students, remotely


  • create multiple links to the Publication or pages within it from online catalogues and subject- or course-related bibliographies and findings


  • transmit electronically or on paper and solely for scholary research purposes insubstantial amounts of the Publication to individual colleagues who are not Affiliated Users


  • make digital copies of images or associated metadata from them Publication and to save the for as long as required


  • include individual images from the Publication or text transcribes thereform with due attribution within scholary submissions to bona fide academic journals and academic monographs provided that the prior permission of the owner or holder of the original documents has been obtained and that the Licensor is kept notified

Prohibited use

Authorised Users may not

Commercial use

  • exploit the Publication for commercial gain


  • recreate the Publication or any part thereof be it in the form of images or transcribed text without first obtaining the Licensor's consent in writing


  • modifying the Publication in any way including for example by hiding or amending any statement or mark denoting ownership of intellectual or other property rights therein


  • reproduce, disassemble, recompile, translate, or reverse-engineer any part of the software used therein


Access by IP-address in the university network.

Remote access is permitted for Authorized Users using University of Turku's utu-username.