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E-aineistojen käyttöehdot: Royal Society of Chemistry Ebooks


Royal Society of Chemistry eBook Collection includes the e-books published by the RSC in 2014-2017.


Authorised user

Authorised user

  • faculty members (including temporary or exchange faculty members for the duration of their assignment)
  • enrolled post-graduate and undergraduate students
  • current staff members
  • contract personnel directly involved in educational and research activities of Customers
  • walk-in users, i. e. persons who do not fall into any of the categories above but are permitted by the Customer to access Publisher Content whilst they are on Customer's physical premises

Permitted use

Authorised users may


  • use RSC information fot the purposes of reseach or private study only, and not for commercial use
  • search, retrieve, display, and view RSC information

Printing and downloading

  • copy (including printing and downloading) RSC information and retain it as long as required for their own personal non-commercial use


  • store RSC information electronically, provided the use is consistent with the other terms and conditions described here


  • include RSC information (for example, a figure, diagram or chart) in a presentation or in a published work provided permission has been sought and obtained from RSC in advance, except as permitted in accordance with fair use/fair dealing principles


Authorised users other than walk-in users are permitted to


  • distribute or otherwise make available RSC information to other Authorised Users


  • include copies (including printed or downloaded) of RSC information
    • in anthologies (course packs) in printed or electronic form for sale (as long as sale is not for Commercial Use) and/or distribution to Authorised Users for their use in connection with the course of instruction only; and
    • in reserves (in printed or electronic form) for access by Authorised Users in connection with specific courses offered by the organisation
    • where printed and electronic copies in each anthology or reserve do not singly or in aggregate exceed the Extent Limit (up to 5 % or one chapter of a book; up to 5 % or one article of a journal issue; or up to 5 % or one paper of one set of conference proceedings)
    • Copies of RSC information in any online or offline (for example CD-ROMs) electronic form whatsoever which are included in electronic course packs or reserves must be deleted or destroyed, as appropriate, by Authorised User no later than thirty (30) days after the end of the term in which the related course concludes.

Prohibited use

Authorised users may not

 Commercial use

  • sale, resale, loan, transfer, hire or other form of exploitation of Publisher Content
    • use of Publisher Content in the course of contract research carried out for a commercial organisation to which the research results will be provided is deemed to constitute commercial use
    • use of Publisher Content  in the course of academic research funded by a commercial organisation is not deemed to constitute commercial use


  • make available or distribute any part of Publisher Content on any other network


  • "The RSC and any other applicable copyright owner(s) retains all applicable intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, copyright, and database rights."
  • remove, obsure, or modify the names of the author(s) and the copyright notices in any way
  • use any automated program including without limitation webcrawlers to access RCS information. Such activities may have a detrimental effect on RSC information or access thereto, and they are strictly forbidden


Access by IP-address in the university network.

Books in 2014 collection can be used in both University of Turku and the University Hospital, 2015-2017 only in University of Turku.

Remote access is permitted for Authorized Users using University of Turku's utu-username.

Additional information

Interlibrary loan

Publisher licences Customer to fulfil interlibrary supply requests form Customer Site to other libraries. Publisher licenses Customer to supply for each interlibrary supply request to a library, for the purposes of research for non-commercial purpose or private study only, a single paper or electronic copy of an electronic original of an individual item which is part of Publisher Content. Such supply may be by post or fax or by secure transmission, in which latter case the electronic file must be deleted immediately after printing unless the user who is authorised at the said library is a Visually Impaired Person and the electronic file is explicitly provided solely for his/her personal use.