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E-aineistojen käyttöehdot: Terms of use for e-resources

Terms of Use Regarding FinELib Resources

The Finnish National Electronic Library, FinELib is a consortium of Finnish universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutes and public libraries. The aim of the Consortium is to acquire electronic resources centrally on behalf of its member organisations.

The consortium’s Service Unit operates at the National Library of Finland. Check the terms of use of the resources on the FinELib Consortium page FinELib-resources.

General Terms of Use

When using e-resources generally you are permitted:

  • to browse and to make information retrievals
  • to print single copies of search results for personal use
  • to download reasonable amounts of search results for personal use
  • in most cases to print and download reasonable parts and excerpts for non-commercial use
  • to email, mail or fax one copy to a colleague for personal use (it varies according to the service whether it is permissible to send copies to persons outside the university)
  • to compile course materials for the university for non-commercial use (the conditions vary according to the service)


When using e-resources you are not permitted:

  • to use the resources or parts of it for commercial purposes
  • to download resources using robots or other data mining software

The pages are updated...

The General Terms of Use -pages are still under construction and all Turku University Library e-resources are not included. The pages are updated continuously.

Use of Electronic Resources and Remote Access

The electronic resources are available in the network of Turku university or through remote access. Remote access requires the UTU user ID and password.

Walk-in customer

The walk-in access allows all the library customers to use most of the e-resources of the Turku University Library.  Access to these electronic resources is available via dedicated computers. You do not need to log on. The walk-in access is provided by most of the Finnish academic libraries.

A student of the University of Turku can, for example, go to the Åbo Akademi Library and use, print and/or save e-resources of the library without logging in.