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E-aineistojen käyttöehdot: Gale Virtual Reference Online


Gale Virtual Reference Library is a database of encyclopedias and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research

  • 62 ebooks in areas of History and Culture Studies
  • Archives of Sexuality and Gender: LGBTQ History and Culture Since 1940, Part I.
  • Global Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) History

Authorised user

Authorised user

  • all currently enrolled full or part-time students of the Client (Turku university)
  • currently employed faculty (whether on a permanent, temporary, contract or visiting basis), teaching staff, administrations and staff in the Client (Turku university)
  • any person who is not a member of the student or faculty and who holds a current, valid library card (walk in users) from the Client (Turku university)

Permitted use

Authorised users may

Downloading and copying

  • download, display, view and print off single copies of excerpts of materials contained in the Hosting Service for the internal edcuational purposes of the Client and for the Authorized User's personal non-commercial use

Limited redistribution

  • distribute insubstantial extracts from the Hosting Service provided that:
    • the distribution is only for educational or research purposes and is not for commercial purposes
    • the distribution is incidental to some other purpose. For example, inclusion of an illustrative extract in an article for an academic publication, a textbook or an examination paper
    • each extract is immediately followed in clear and legible text by reference to the Subscription Service and
    • no more than three extracts from the Hosting Service may be distributed in a single work, where a work includes but is no limited to, an article, a textbook or an examination paper

Members of Faculty or Staff may


  • include in their teaching materials (whether in hard-copy or as part of a Virtual Learning Environment) links to materials available from the Hosting Service.
    • Authorized Users may use these links to identify and access the relevant materials

Prohibited use

Authorised users may not

Commercial use

  • commercially exploit all materials available from the Housting Service


  • distribute all or any materials from the Hosting Service to any other person, even if that person is an Authorized User
  • make multiple copies of materials from the Service to provide to other persons within the Client's organization (whether in a hard-copy or electronic format or through access to materials stored on a Server) even if all intended recipients are Authorized Users and there is no restriction on Concurrent Users


Access by IP-address in the university network.

Remote access is permitted for Authorized Users using University of Turku's utu-username.

Additional information

Interlibrary loan

The Client may supply to an authorized user of a Participating Member ("Recipient"), in hard copy format or electronically, a single article or item from the Hosting Service for the purposes only of that Recipient's reseach or private study, provided that

  • the copy is used by the Recipient only in hard copy format
  • the Recipient doesn't, in hard copy or electronic format, distribute or otherwise make the copy available to any other person
  • the Recipient makes no commercial use of the copy and
  • the Recipient, the Authorized User and the Client comply at all times with the rules of the Approved Library Loan Scheme from time to time in force