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What are reference management programs?

With reference management programs or reference managers you can easily collect and administer all reference materials (even fulltexts) you need to use in your work.

Reference information can be imported from most of the larger publishers' and service providers' databases straight to a reference management program. Import methods may vary between databases and programs.

You can create in-text citations and bibliographies automatically in your texts with reference manager add-ons in your word processing program.

How to choose a reference management program?

Some things to consider when choosing a reference management program:

  • Is the program compatible with my operating system and word processing package?
  • Do I need remote/online access to my reference collection?
  • Do I need to share my reference sets with others? What tool are they using?
  • Can I transfer my references to another system? Different organisations may use different systems.
  • Where are my references stored, on a local drive / specific computer, or in the 'cloud'?
  • Is the program available on university-owned computers? This is usually not an issue for web-based tools.
  • Which tool do researchers in my discipline tend to use? Does it matter?

The Turku university library can help you with Zotero and Mendeley

Check out the Reference management guide for more information!