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Biology and Environmental Sciences Books (Quantum Library)

Call Number in VOLTER
CONTENT Spine label
Quantum Tiedeoppi General Science, Philosophy of Science, Methodology, Scientific Writing, Scientific Research, Research Methods, Scientific Thinking, Ethics TIE
Quantum Biot.hakuteokset Reference Books, Biosciences BHAK
Quantum Geot.hakuteokset Reference Books, Geosciences GHAK
Quantum Yl.hakuteokset Reference Books, General YHAK
Quantum Sanakirjat Dictionaries SAN
Quantum Sanakirjat.Lainattavat Dictionaries, borrowable SAN


Quantum Biol.Yleisbiol. Biology, General YLE
Quantum Biol.Metod. Methodology, Research Methods MET
Quantum Biol.Biol.hist. History of Biology, Biologists B.HIS
Quantum Biol.Biofys. Biophysics B.FYS
Quantum Biol.Biokem. Biochemistry B.KEM
Quantum Biol.Biomatem. Biomathematics B.MAT
Quantum Biol.Sytol. Sytology SYT
Quantum Biol.Evol. Evolution EVO
Quantum Biol.Ekol. Ecology, General; Parasitology, Pests EKO
Quantum Biol.Hydrobiol. Limnology, Potamology, Marine Biology HYDR
Quantum Gen. Genetics GEN
Quantum Ymp.Yleist. Environmental Conservation, General; Sustainability, Ecophilosophy, Statistics YLE
Quantum Ymp.Lains. Environmental Law, Legislation LAI
Quantum Ymp.Politiikka Environmental Politics, Environmental Sciences, education, Transport POL
Quantum Ymp.Tila Environmental Assessment, Noise Control TIL
Quantum Ymp.Maap.suoj. Soil Conservation, Soil Acidification, Eskers, Desertification MAA
Quantum Ymp.Biodiv. Biodiversity BDI
Quantum Ymp.Luonnonvar. Ecosystems, Natural Resources, Environment ALU
Quantum Ymp.Energia Energy, Energy Policy, Energy Use, Energy Resources ENE
Quantum Ymp.Suoj.alueet Nature Conservation Areas, Nature Protection LUE
Quantum Ymp.Metsävaur. Forest Protection, Forest Damage, Pests, Plant Deseases MET
Quantum Ymp.Ilmastonmuutos Climate Change, Air Pollution, Greenhouse Effect, Acidification ILM
Quantum Ymp.Vesiensuoj. Water Pollution, Eutrophication, Acidification VES
Quantum Ymp.Laj.suoj. Endangered Species, Protection of Animals, Protection of Plants LAJ
Quantum Ymp.Kemikal. Toxicology, Waste, Chemicals, Catastrophies KEM
Quantum Zool.Yleisel. Zoology, General YLE
Quantum Zool.Fysiol. Zoology, Physiology FYS
Quantum Zool.Morf.&an. Zoology, Morphology; Zoology, Anatomy MOR
Quantum Zool.Ont.&embr. Zoology, Ontogeny; Zoology, Embryology ONT
Quantum Zool.Ekol. Zoology, Ecology EKO
Quantum Zool.Etol. Etology ETO
Quantum Zool.Paleozool. Paleozoology PALE
Quantum Zool.Evert.Yl. Evertebrates, Pests, Parasites EVE.Y
Quantum Zool.Insecta Insects, Butterflies INS
Quantum Zool.Pisces Fish, Fishing, Fisheries, Crayfish PIS
Quantum Zool.Rept.&Amph. Reptiles, Amphibians REP
Quantum Zool.Aves Birds AVE
Quantum Zool.Mammalia Mammals MAM
Quantum Zool.Käyt.opp. Practical Guides, Game Husbandry KÄY
Quantum Bot.Yleiskasv. Botany, General YLE
Quantum Bot.Metod. Botany, Metodology;  Biotechnology; Botany, Laboratory  Techniques ET
Quantum Bot.Anat.&morf. Botany, Anatomy; Botany, Morphology ANA
Quantum Bot.Fysiol. Botany, Physiology FYS
Quantum Bot.Ekol. Botany, Ecology EKO
Quantum Bot.Syst.Yl. Systematics, Taxanomy SYST
Quantum Bot.Kasv.Muut Plant Identification: Other Countries MUUT
Quantum Bot.Levät Algae LEV
Quantum Bot.Sienet Fungi SIE
Quantum Bot.Sammalet Moss, Ferns, Lichen SAM
Quantum Bot.Fanerog.

Flowering Plants, Seed Plants

Quantum Bot.Metsänhoito Forests, Forestry, Peatland METS
Quantum Bot.Vilj.kasv. Agriculture, Farming, Gardening VILJ
Quantum Bot.Kasvitaudit Plant Diseases TAU
Quantum Medical Plants FARM