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Publication Forum Ratings

The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies carried out a Publication Forum Project to classify scholarly publication channels. The Publication Forum, or JUFO system is a rating and classification system that aims to support the quality assessment of research output - journals, publication series and book publishers - in all academic disciplines. The first classification system was ready in 2011.

The JUFO classification has four levels:

Level 1: Domestic and foreign journals, series, book publishers, and conferences in all disciplines considered to be most important from the Finnish research perspective.

Level 2: Leading scientific publication channels of various disciplines considered to be of highest quality and having widest impact.

Level 3: Supreme-level publication channels of various disciplines with the widest impact among level 2 journals and series that the panels have decided to raise to the top level.

Level 0: Includes all publication channels that do not meet one or several of the Level 1 criteria. Please read more under the Publication Forum's FAQ: "What is Level 0?".

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