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Turun yliopisto

Curriculum and Information Literacy: Home

University of Turku strategy for 2013-2016

Studies in information literacy are to be offered in all faculties. The teaching is offered in Finnish and English. (Strategy, p. 10)

The students are to be offered training in the use of information services, as well as in information literacy. (Strategy, p. 15)

Source: Turun yliopisto: Strategia 2013 - 2016

But what does it all mean?

Turku University Library offers free, tailored training in information literacy (IL) to faculties, units and departments. The departments may incorporate the training into their curricula. It is recommended that one module of IL is taken at each level of studies (basic, intermediate, advanced).

The information specialists providing the training are happy to discuss the content of the module with department staff, so as to

  • best incorporate the IL-training to the curriculum
  • choose together the most relevant examples
  • present the best resources for the students’ study interests


The library recommends to have at least the following:

1st phase: Getting to know the library and the resources

  • 15-45 mins general lecture inside the orientation course
  • 0,5-1 hrs library tour in one's own library unit
  • 2 hrs classes with exercises by the computer

2nd phase: Literature search in the BA level

  • 2-4 hrs classes with exercises on the computer

3rd phase: Literature search in the MA level 

  • 2-4 hrs classes with exercises the computer

4th phase: Course for the Graduate School

  • 1 ECTS course in information retrieval


Information literacy (IL) means the ability to recognize information needs, search, locate and critically evaluate the findings as well as the ability to utilize the findings ethically.

Co-operation with the library

You might want to consider the following when building up your curricula

  • how does the information literacy evolve throughout the whole curricula
  • whether the IL classes are in just the right time for the students
  • if the curricula leads to an independent lifelong learning in IL

While designing your teaching, think about the library, too:

  • Have you checked or informed the library about the material you are using at your course?
  • Will you be giving exercises the library might be able to help you with?
  • Before you give any homework which requires information literacy, ask the librarian her/his point of view about it!

How to share the material with the students?

Before you give the literature list to your students, remember to

  • give them the right and accurate references (eg. when they have to read an article, the exact name of the journal, year, volume, number, page numbers and whether the journal is in print or in electronic form)
  • check, whether the library has it anywhere and how many copies they have (either in print or in the net)
  • guide the students to find the material independently in the library databases
  • make sure the students have had information literacy classes


Acquisition requests

When you are planning your course material, remember to check its availability in the library. If you want the library to acquire the material, please, make an acquisition request for it.