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RefWorks Transition and Reference Management Software


Unfortunately, the negotiations involving Turku University and Refworks did not reached a mutually satisfactory solution.

Our subscription expires on December 31, 2021.

No, RefWorks only offers institutional accounts at this time.

There are a variety of free and paid software options, including Zotero and Mendeley. ,

Reference management software is not discipline-specific. However, there are trends in some disciplines towards certain software.

This guide includes instructions for exporting references from RefWorks to another citation manager, and we will work with you one-on-one to answer your questions as needed.

No, you can export many references at once using the instructions on the Export from RefWorks page. Make sure to export one folder at a time if you want to keep your folder structure.

Unfortunately, attachments, notes, and edits do not move automatically, but must be moved manually. Look up tips for a good workflow at University of Alberta web pages. If you come up with a better solution, please share it with us at

If you are using an adblocker, you might need to allow popups in order for the file to download.

Many databases allow you to download an RIS file, which you can then import to your new RMS. Alternatively Mendeley, and Zotero both have browser extensions (bookmarklets) that allow you to export data from your browser. For detailed instructions, see the support documents for the RMS that you're using.

If you are currently using RefWorks Write-N-Cite in Word for your paper or manuscript and wish to switch to a new reference manager citation plug-in, you will first need to remove the citation formatting code created by RefWorks. Removing this formatting code will allow you to add and edit citations using your new reference manager.

You should save a version of your manuscript without RefWorks formatting codes (Write-n-Cite -> Remove Field Codes), where you can easily edit references and source list. If you have an unfinished manuscript, you can add the last references and edit the source list manually in a file without formatting codes.

In a file without formatting codes, you can also use another reference manager programme. Keep in mind, however, that the new reference manager programme will start referrals from the beginning. That is, if you use a referral style that numbers references, it is worth reapplying all references with a new reference management programme to keep numerology correct even when editing the work. If you start using a new reference manager programme directly after RefWorks, be sure to merge the source lists in the end.