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Open science: open access publishing and open data In Academy of Finland September call 


In research plan. "4.3.  Open science": Publication plan that supports open access (Academy-funded projects are required to commit to open access publishing)


At the application stage, all applicants shall briefly describe their data management in section "4.3 Open science" of the research plan. All research data and materials produced with funding from the Academy of Finland are openly available. The degrees of data openness may justifiably vary, ranging from fully open to strictly confidential. If the research data cannot be made openly available in full, the metadata must be stored and opened in a Finnish or international data finder. 

More information:

Describe the following:

  1. Where the data will be stored and how they will be backed up during the project.
    University of Turku IT-services: Where can I save my data
    University Data Security Description
    Contact information about storage solutions in UTU:
    Don't use cloud services to save sensitive data. 
    Using only memory sticks or hard drives to store data is not a good idea
    University of Turku IT solutions => automatic back-ups
  2. How any legal and ethical issues related to the sharing of data (e.g. ownership, copyright, sensitivity) will be resolved:

    Prove in your data management plan that you can technically identify, predict and manage juridical risks associated with ethics, data protection, and data security in the data management process
    State in your application that you are aware of different agreements and permissions associated with data management, e.g. in regards to ownership, archiving, opening and reuse of data and if there are needed they will be done.  Legal services help you at 
    Make clear agreements with EVERYONE dealing with data as early stage as possible
    Plan how to share (sensitive) data especially if you have partners outside the UTU/Finland
    Make a clear distinction between sharing the data during the project and publishing the data
    Write here only about data sharing. The research ethical questions are addressed  in section 4.1.
  3. where the data or a publishable portion of them will be made available after the end of the project.
    Academy of Finland recommends:

4. If the project does not collect or produce any data fully or partially suitable for reuse, justify why the data cannot be made available even partially.

Further information about Academy of Finland Data Management guidelines:


In the application’s funding plan, the applicant should consider that the costs associated with storing and sharing research data and material are regarded as overheads for the project’s host organisation, but they may also be legitimately accepted as research costs to be covered with Academy research funding.

Estimate the resources needed (for example, financial and time) to manage, preserve and share the data. Consider the additional computational facilities and resources that need to be accessed, and what the associated costs will amount to.Will you need to hire expert help to manage, preserve and share the data? Do you have sufficient storage space, or will you need to include charges for additional services? 
How will responsibilities for data management and costs be split across partner sites in collaborative research projects?


If you need guidance on writing the brief description about data management or data management costs, contact our service address, but please do it no later than 21st of September.


A researcher who has received a positive funding decision must submit the actual data management plan. Make sure to ask your organisation’s data expert for help in good time when writing the data management plans. The actual data management plan shall be submitted in the online service SARA in connection with applicant approval but before the approval of the head/director of  department. The funds can be paid only after the applicant and the head/director of  department have accepted them.


When you get the information your application goes to the next stage after applying, be prepared to make more detailed data management plan. The time between positive funding decision and submitting the actual data management plan is not a long time in the summer period 2021.


In the actual data management plan you have to describe the technical and administrative management of data. Describe how you can technically identify, predict and manage juridical risks associated with ethics, data protection, and data security in the data management process.

After received a positive funding decision you have three (3) weeks time to make a data management plan.  We recommend that you use the DMPTuuli tool to draft the data management plan. In TUULI-tool you can find Academy of Finland guidance on how to draft a data management plan.  

In addition to Academy of Finlands guidance use our criteria for data management planning: (the criteria will be published later this year 2020) 

The plan should be no more than approximately two pages long.

Send your plan to our research service team: for comments no later that three (3) weeks after received positive funding decision.

After completing your plan, send it to the controller-team and submit it to the SARA-system. Head of department/Director will submit the plan in the online service in connection with applicant approval. 


Webinar series about data management: (coming up later this year)

Workshops: will be held to those who receive a positive funding decision (coming up spring 2021)

Our guide about making an actual data management plan

Tips for making a good data management plan --> Data Management Plan