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Verkkoarkistot tallettavat internetin sisältöä, mm. verkkolehtiä. Verkkoarkistosta voit löytää internetistä kadonneen verkkolehden tai sivuston. Kopioi hakemasi (kadonnut) osoite sivuston hakuruutuun ja näet milloin ja miten usein sivu on haravoitu arkistoon ja voit tarkastella arkistoon tallennettuja versioita.

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Publication Forum Ratings

Federation of Finnish Learned Societies has completed the Publication Forum Project at the initiative of the Universities Finland UNIFI. The Publication Forum system is based on quality classification of scientific publication channels - journals, publication series and book publishers - in all research fields. The classification complemented in 2012 and it covers over 22,000 journals and publications series and about 1,500 book publishers.

The rating has three levels:

1 = basic (major scientific publication channels in all disciplines)

 2 = leading (those of the highest quality and widest impact)

 3 = top (journals and series with the widest impact among the level 2 journals and series)

Search for journals, publication series and book publishers that have a Publication Forum classification

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Internet Archives

Internet archives allow users to view archived web pages, including archived web journals that no longer exist.