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NB! The books in Ebrary, Elsevier, Oxford Scholarship Online and Springer are included even in Volter library database!

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MOT Dictionaries

MOT Dictionaries include tools for everyday communication: dictionaries, proofreading and translation software.

Shelf Locations of Chemistry (Quantum)

Call Number in VOLTER   Spine Label
Quantum Kem. Sanakirjat.Lainattavat Dictionaries LAIN SAN
Quantum Kem. Matem.m Mathematical Methods in Science MT
Quantum Kem. Yleistä General Chemistry, History of Chemistry, Safety at Work YLE
Quantum Kem.  Sov.kem. Applied Chemistry, Chemical Industry, Chemical Technology, Corrosion SOV
Quantum Kem. Ymp.tutk. Environmental Research YMP
Quantum Kem. Mater.tutk. Materials Research MTR
Quantum Kem. Fys.kem. Physical Chemistry, Quantum Chemistry FK
Quantum Kem. Kristallografia Chrystallography KRI
Quantum Kem. Spektrosk. Spectroscopy, Mass Spectroscopy SPE
Quantum Kem. Org.kem. Organic Chemistry ORG
Quantum Kem. Epäorg.kem. Inorganic Chemistry EPÄ
Quantum Kem. Anal.kem. Analytical Chemistry ANA
Quantum Kem. Sähkökem. Electrochemistry SÄH
Quantum Kem. Sanakirjat Dictionaries (For Reading Room Only) SAN
Quantum Kem. Taulukot Tables (For Reading Room Only TAU
Quantum Kem. Käsikirjat Handbooks (For Reading Room Only) KÄS