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Comparative Religion

Shelf classes of Cultural Research collection (Teutori)

Call number in VOLTER CONTENT
Teutori 1 Indexes
Teutori 2 Bibliographies
Teutori 3 Dictionaries
Teutori 6 History of Discipline
Teutori 7 Publications in honour of (according to target person)
Teutori Cm Religion, Theology
Teutori L1 Methodology
Teutori Le Ethnology (general). Conferences
Teutori Lea Physical anthropology
Teutori Lfa Society and the judiciary
Teutori Lfb Traditions (life and death, domesticity, chronology, celebrations and special days
Teutori Lfc I Vernacular livelihoods and economy
Teutori Lfc II Industry and working population
Teutori Lfda Buildings, furniture, home utensils and ornaments
Teutori Lfdb Dresses, dress decorations, fashion, embroidery and textiles
Teutori Lfed Medical knowledge
Teutori Lfee Folklore
Teutori Lfeg Languages
Teutori Lfeh Folk music, -art, -dance
Teutori Lfq Culinary Art
Teutori Lg Cultural geography (general). Environmental science
Teutori Lgc I Finland (general)
Teutori Lgca Finnish cognate people
Teutori Lgd Scandinavia
Teutori Lge Europe
Teutori Lgo Asia
Teutori Lgp Africa
Teutori Lgq America
Teutori Lgr Australia. Oceania
Teutori Lgs Circumpolar countries
Teutori Lk Museology
Teutori Varia Various
Teutori Hum aik Journals and series