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Turku University Library

How to Find Open Access Resources

Open Access Resources in Volter


In the library's Volter database, there are plenty of Open Access resources indexed in the search (e.g. DOAJ).

In the Volter search there are, for example, the following Open Access journal resources:

 It's also possible to add single OA journals to Volter as required. Suggestions and requests can be sent to


You can also search the following international OA books in Volter:

  • DOAB
  • University of Turku electronic publications UTUPub

Single books can be added as needed (e.g. if they are course books or if the authors are from the University of Turku). Please send any suggestions to

Browser Extensions for Searching Open Access Resources

Kopernio and Unpaywall in browser (click pictures to see bigger versions)

The Kopernio button appears down on the left and the Unpaywall button on the right side of the page. If a free version is found via Unpaywall, the lock logo is green and "open". The Kopernio button, instead, shows where and in which form the free version is found. 

Location of the Kopernio and Unpaywall buttons on the screen while browsing the web.  A Kopernio report of the kind that opens up when you click the Kopernio button.

Both buttons can also be found on the tool bar/address bar. Here, the Kopernio search returns the results in Google Scholar. The Unpaywall button only shows if it has access to the current page or not. 

The Kopernio and Unpaywall buttons on your web browser toolbar and a Kopernio search window.