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Patents and protecting of inventions in the University of Turku

TEQMINE Patent Similarity - a quick way to find patents

Discover patents close to your research with a couple of clicks! The University of Turku has a license to TEQMINE Patent Similarity patent search software until 31.12.2021. All UTU-affiliated researchers, students and staff members have access to the database via a simple HAKA identification.

Activate your personal TEQMINE account:

1. Go to

2. Click the "Login as an Organization User" option in green.

3.Type your UTU email address in the field and click Login.

4. That's it! Your personal TEQMINE account is now active until 31.12.2021. You will be informed about the continuation of the license well in time before the end of the year.

Read more about how the TEQMINE AI helps you in your work.

In TEQMINE, you can browse search results sorted by an artificial intelligence. The search accepts up to 10 million characters.