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Turku University Library

Workstations of Cultural Material

Workstations of Cultural Material

  • Turku University Library is one of the six legal deposit libraries in Finland. According to law (Act on Collecting and Preserving Cultural Materials 1433/2007) we receive free copies of the material considered as national cultural heritage. This means all publicly distributed material: printed publications, digital publications, and other online material. 
  • Electronic materials are available on the workstation of cultural material. 
  • Use

    • The workstations are not connected to the internet. 
    • You may
    • You may not
      • make digital copies
  • Further information on the National Library website

Further information:

Turku University researcher / student

You can study the material from the comfort of your own computer, even from the sofa at home.  

Did you know that through Tutkain, opened for research use, you can research Finnish digital newspapers and magazines from 1940-2021? 

If you are not a member of the university community, the digitized newspapers and magazines are only available on the workstations of cultural material at Turku University Library.  

Research use means scientific or artistic non-commercial research, thesis, report or final project carried out by a student, teacher, or researcher.  

Log in to Tutkain at using the HAKA login system. At the same time, you also fill in a purpose-of-use questionnaire, which inquires about the type of research (e.g. master's degree, dissertation or scientific article) and the research field. Also, a free-form description of the purpose of use of the materials is requested. According to the agreement, the users are also allowed to do computerized analysis of journal materials and create datasets from them for research verification and subsequent research. 


Further information: Research use of digitised newspapers and journals to continue from 2023 to 2027 | Kansalliskirjasto

  • Under the agreement, copyrighted digitised resources can be used by researchers, staff who provide teaching on research, and students working on their theses at the institutions which are parties to the agreement.

Finnish Web Archive

  • The Finnish Web Archive contains a diverse and representative sample of online content as of 2006.
  • The archive is supplemented annually through automatic harvesting as well as harvesting efforts focusing on Finland, news and specific themes.
  • You can use the Finnish Web Archive on the workstations of cultural material. 
  • The index of the Finnish Web Archive is available open access.

Further information: Finnish Web Archive

E-legal deposit archive

Varia - e-legal deposit archive containing electronic legal deposit copies of

  • books
  • magazines
  • music recordings.

Varia also includes copies of those books, ephemeral publications, maps, games, and recordings digitized by the National Library that are still under copyright

Search material via The National Library Search Service 

KAVI (Radio and TV archive)

  • RTVA records radio and television channels digitally directly from the programme stream and makes it available for the use of researchers and others who need it.
  • Starting from the year 2009
  • The programming of the main Finnish radio and television channels is recorded in its entirety, and the remainder of the approximately 100 channels are recorded as one-week samples yearly.
  • Programs of the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE, from 1957-2008
  • You can view programs on the workstations of cultural material. 
  • The index of RITVA is available open access.

Further information on KAVI webpage