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Evaluation based on scientific publications

This guide is based on the LibGuide created by Tritonia Academic Library.

Comparing citation reports

If you want to compare citation reports and h-indexes for a certain university department, you need to decide beforehand how the search will be performed:

  • Will you search in all citation databases of Web of Science? What about Scopus and Google Scholar & Publish or Perish?
  • Will your search include all publication years or only the last 5 years, for example?
  • Will your search include all publication types or only articles, peer-reviewed articles and proceeding papers, for example?
  • Will you include self-citations?



How to find h-index in Scopus

Access Scopus from the link below or via other ResearchGuides.   

1. Choose the Authors tab

2. Enter the author's last name and the initial of the first name into the appropriate search boxes.

3. Select the right person from the author list
Tip! Sometimes there may be more than one entry for the same author. In that case, you can ask Scopus to merge your author data. Choose the authors to be merged, then click "Request to merge authors" and follow the instructions.

4. The h-index for the person appears in the author data. Note that the h-indexes of the researchers are available only from 1995 onwards in Scopus. Scopus is in progress of updating pre-1996 cited references going back to 1970 (currently over 83 million pre-1996 cited references to nearly 4 million articles (04/2016)).

Click "View citation overview" if you want to exclude self-citations or refine years.