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Evaluation based on scientific publications

This guide is based on the LibGuide created by Tritonia Academic Library.

What are university rankings?

Academic rankings are used to compare universities on the basis of specific indicators. The indicators could include, for example:

  • Number of citations to university’s publications
  • Number of articles published in a specific journal (e.g. Nature, Science)
  • Number of awards (e.g. Nobel and Fields Prizes)
  • Research-related indicators (e.g. publication/ faculty ratio)
  • Teaching-related indicators (e.g. student/ academic staff ratio)
  • Internationality-related indicators (e.g. international staff members/international students ratio)
  • University reputation surveys (the university's reputation among other universities or/ and employers)

All rankings use their own set of indicators or they also could weigh similar indicators differently. Some data that is used in rankings might be openly available, but it can be difficult to access information about the methods and results of university reputation surveys.

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Well-known university rankings

Responsible use of university rankings