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Evaluation based on scientific publications

This guide is based on the LibGuide created by Tritonia Academic Library.

H-index in Google Scholar

There are two ways of calculating the h-index based on Google Scholar citation information:

  1. Through the Google Scholar Citations profile
  2. Using the free Publish of Perish software

Note! Google Scholar does not cover all publications. In order to be included in Google Scholar, the publication needs to have either the full text of the article or the abstract freely available. In addition, Google Scholar’s crawlers do not harvest, for example, library databases or all university repositories. At the moment, the publications that are not included in the Google’s search results, cannot be added separately to the Google Scholar Citations profile.

Google Scholar Citations

Google Scholar Citations is an author profile service provided by Google, where researchers can create and maintain their own account (gmail account) and add their publications found through the Google Scholar search. The profile shows the number of times the publication has been cited and an automatically computed h-index. The profile can be public or private.

Finding researcher’s h-index using the author profile of the Google Scholar Citations

Use the author profile search of Google Scholar or sign in to your own Google Scholar Citations account.




Publish or Perish software

Publish or Perish is a free software developed by the Australian Anne-Wil Harzing that uses the Google Scholar data to analyze citations. The software is available for downloading from

The software can be used, for example, to evaluate author impact, journal impact and to create various indexes (h-index, g-index etc.).

How to calculate researcher’s h-index with Publish of Perish (version 5)

  1. Click New and select Google Scholar Query to create a new query or select an existing query to modify
  2. Enter the author’s name in the Authors field (either first name surname or the first name initial surname)
  3. If necessary, restrict the years of publication and perform search (Lookup)
  4. Choose the publications you want
  5. The h-index will automatically update as you select publications from the list.