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Turku University Library


Shelf Classes of Dentistry Collection (Teutori Library)

Dentistry collection


Teutori Anat.odont. Odontological anatomy. Anthropology/head and neck. Embryology/head and neck. Genetics/head and neck Dentition. Face. Growth/ head and neck. Development/head and neck. Head and neck. Salivary glands.
Teutori Anest.odontol Anaesthesiology. Analgesia.  Local anaesthesia. Intensive care
Teutori Ehl-työt Theses, specializing dentists
Teutori Endod. Endodontics
Teutori Farm.odontol Pharmacology. Pharmacy. Toxicology
Teutori Diss Hammasl Dissertations, Finland
Teutori Lääk.Hist History. Humour. Art. Societes
Teutori Karies Cariology. Fluoride. Tooth decay. Dental restoration. Dental caries
Teutori Kurssik Course book
Teutori Lääk aik Periodicals. Series. Yearbooks
Teutori Mater. Dental materials. Biomaterials. Polymers
Teutori Mikrob.odontol Microbiology. Bacteriology. Hygiene. Immunology. Infections. Sterilization. Virology.
Teutori Oikeushl. Forensic odontology. Medical ethics. Jurisprudence. Identification from dentition.
Teutori Ortod. Orthodontics. Occlusion. Bite.
Teutori Parod. Periodontology. Gingivitis. Periodontitis. Plaque
Teutori Pedod. Pedodontics. Pediatric dentistry
Teutori Prakt. Dental practice. Dental staff
Teutori Protees. Prosthetics. Eshetic dentistry. Dental prostheses.

Teutori Skand.Diss Hammasl

Dissertations, Nordic countries
Teutori Sos. Social aspects in dentistry. Occupational diseases. Epidemiology.
Teutori Suubiol Oral biology. Sweeteners. Odontological biochemistry. Nutrition. Oral physiology. Saliva
Teutori Suukir. Oral surgery. Implants  Tooth extraction

fractures. Plastic surgery.

Teutori Suupatol. Oral pathology. Dental care for special groups. Odontology. Oral diseases. Dental care for disabled. Geriatric dentistry. Gerodontology. Pain.
Teutori Suuradiol Roentgenography. Imaging. Radiology. Radiation
Teutori Syventävät Hammasl Theses, dentists