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Reference Management

Reference management

If you have questions about RefWorks or Mendeley reference management programs, please contact

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Library supported reference management programs




Cost Licensed for the University of Turku students and staff. Free. The Mendeley Institutional Edition has not been licensed for the University of Turku. Desktop version of Zotero and basic Zotero account are free. Zotero is open source.
Required software downloads

- Web based.

- Direct import from databases possible by installing the Save to RefWorks tool.

- Creation of citations and bibliographies in Word requires downloading Write-N-Cite or Citation Manager for Word.

- Web and desktop based, option to synchronise with web account.

- Direct import from databases requires downloading the Web Importer tool.

- Creation of citations and bibliographies in Word/LibreOffice requires downloading the Citation Plugin (Mendeley Cite-O-Matic).

- Desktop based. Using Zotero on multiple computers requires a Zotero account.

- Direct import from databases possible by installing the Zotero Connector browser extension.

- Creation of citations and bibliographies in Word/LibreOffice requires downloading a plugin. In Google Docs citations can be created by using the Zotero Connector.

Attach PDFs

Annotate PDFs

Share and network with colleagues

- You can share collections to individuals or to the whole university.

- You can choose whether the other person(s) can only read, make notes, or edit.

- You can join and create groups. For example Private Groups for group work (in the free version 5 Private Groups per user, up to 25 members).

- You can create a researcher profile.

- Follow interesting researchers.

- Creating groups and sharing files can be done after creating a Zotero account.
Import references

- Direct import from major database services.

- Use Save to RefWorks tool to import from several databases.

- References can be imported e.g. in RIS format.

- Direct import from ScienceDirect and Scopus.

- Use Web importer to import from other databases.

- Directly from Mendeley Catalog.

- References can be imported e.g. in RIS format.

- RIS import from several databases.

- Zotero Connector allows importing webpages and other online content.

- ISBN, DOI or PMID can be used to import references from Zotero's own search engine.

Free online storage   2 GB Zotero account allows unlimited data storage, full text files (eg. pdf) are limited to 300 MB (in the free version). There are no data or file storage limits when using Zotero on a single computer, without an account.
Generate citations

- With Write-N-Cite for Word plugin (Windows, Mac).

- With RefWorks Citation Manager (Word 2016).

- Separate add-in for Google Docs.

- With Mendeley Citation Plug-in.

- A plug-in required for Word/LibreOffice (usually downloads automatically with the Zotero desktop program).

- In Google Docs, citations can be created by using Zotero Connector.

- Third-party plugins for LaTeX, RStudio, InDesign and others.

Citation styles

Nearly 4000 Nearly 7000 8000+
Modify citation styles

Word processor compatibility

Microsoft Word (Windows, Mac), Google Docs; the Quick Cite tool can be used in other programs.

Microsoft Word (Windows, Mac), LibreOffice. Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, Google Docs. Third party plugins for other programs.


*Turku University Library provides basic assistance in starting to use Zotero. User guides can be found at

Do you Prefer Another Reference Management Software?

There are plenty of reference management tools available: for example, check the comparison chart in Wikipedia. Other well-known alternatives include:

Zotero (open source, also listed on the table above),
and BibTeX for Linux users.

Use of Electronic Resources and Remote Access

The electronic resources are available in the network of the University of Turku or through remote access for students and staff members. In remote access, resources automatically ask you to enter UTU user ID and password, if needed.