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Locations in Education collection (Educarium)

Location in Volter Content
Educarium Kasvatustiede 4.Tutk.metod. Research methodology
Educarium Kasvatustiede Ea Theory of education, philosophy of education, general
Educarium Kasvatustiede Eb Educational psychology
Educarium Kasvatustiede Ebo Sociology of education
Educarium Kasvatustiede Eda History of education
Educarium Kasvatustiede Edb Comparative education
Educarium Kasvatustiede Edc Educational systems
Educarium Kasvatustiede En Education and teaching
Educarium Kasvatustiede Ena Early childhood education
Educarium Kasvatustiede Enb Schooling
Educarium Kasvatustiede Enba School administration
Educarium Kasvatustiede Enbb Health education
Educarium Kasvatustiede Enbc Learning environments
Educarium Kasvatustiede Enc Teacher education
Educarium Kasvatustiede End Higher education
Educarium Kasvatustiede Ene Adult education, professional training
Educarium Kasvatustiede Enf Youth work
Educarium Kasvatustiede Eng Special education
Educarium Kasvatustiede Eq Citizen education
Educarium Kasvatustiede Et Didactics
Educarium Kasvatustiede Eta Curriculums
Educarium Kasvatustiede Etb Educational methods
Educarium Kasvatustiede Etba (äid.kieli) Native language
Educarium Kasvatustiede Etba (vier.kielet) Foreign languages
Educarium Kasvatustiede Etba (matem.) Mathematics
Educarium Kasvatustiede Etba (muut lukuain.) Other theoretical subjects
Educarium Kasvatustiede Etbb Practical subjects and art subjects
Educarium Kasvatustiede Ez Various
Educarium Kasvatustiede (ö) Ephermera
Educarium Kasvatustiede Oppik. School books
Educarium Kasvatustiede Kansio Research series
Educarium Kasvatustiede Raportit Duplicates of research series
Educarium Kasvatustiede Kom.miet. Commission reports
Educarium Kasvatustiede Aik. Periodicals (situated in 2nd floor)
Educarium Kasvatustiede Varasto Closed stacks (collected when waiting)


Locations in general collection (Teacher education library in Rauma)

0             GENERAL WORKS

               07         Communication. Mass communication

1             PHILOSOPHY. LOGIC

               14         Psychology
                             14.1          Structure and functions of the psyche
                             14.12        Psychology of learning
                             14.4          Psychology of personality
                             14.6          Developmental psychology
               16         Theory of knowledge. Theory of science
               17         Ethics. Philosophy of life. Aesthetics



                             30.01        Social sciences. Research methods
                             30.13        Social psychology
               31         Statistics
               32         Political science. Politics
               33         Jurisprudence
               34         Regional planning. Regional politics
               35         Administration
               36         Economics. Working life
               37         Social policy
                             37.4          Family policy
                             37.41        Day care. Early education
               38         Upbringing. Education. Educational science
                             38.01        Education. Philosophy. Theory. Research methods. Methodology
                             38.09        Education. History
                             38.1          Family upbringing
                             38.2          Didactics
                             38.22        Study materials. Teaching aids
                                                          38.221    Use of information technology in teaching
                             38.29        Didactics in different fields
                                                          38.291    Didactics in philosophy and psychology
                                                          38.292    Didactics in religious instruction
                                                          38.293    Didactics in the social sciences
                                                          38.294    Didactics in geography and ethnology
                                                          38.295    Didactics in mathematics and the natural sciences
                                                          38.296    Didactics in the applied sciences
                                                          38.297    Didactics in art
                                                          38.2978  Didactics in music
                                                          38.2979  Didactics in sports
                                                          38.298    Didactics in language and literature
                                                          38.299    Didactics in history
                             38.3         Study techniques
                             38.4          Universities. Institutions of higher education
                             38.5          Educational service
                             38.55        Special education. Special pedagogy. Special schools
                             38.6          Adult training. Liberal adult education
                             38.7          Youth work


               49         Ethnology. Cultural anthropology


               51          Mathematics
               52          Astronomy
               53–54   Physics. Chemistry
               55          Physical geography. Geology
               56          Biology
               57          Botany
               58          Zoology
               59          Medicine. Health care
                              59.56      Psychiatry


               61          Automatic data processing. Information technology. Telecommunications
               62          Machine technology. Electrical engineering
               63          Chemical industry
               64          Wood processing industry. Textile industry
               65          Handicraft. Domestic industry
                             65.1        Woodwork
                             65.2        Metalwork
                             65.4        Textile work
               66          Construction engineering
               67          Agriculture and forestry
               69          Business economy. Marketing
                             69.12      Product development

7             ARTS. SPORTS

               72          Architecture
               74          Painting. Drawing
               75          Graphic art. Photography
               76          Design. Industrial art. Art handicraft
               77          Dramatic art. Cinematic art
               78          Music
               79          Exercise. Sports. Plays
                            79.3       Ball games
                            79.8       Games. Plays. Collecting


               81          Folklore
               82          Poems
               83          Plays
               86          Literary studies
               87          Linguistics
               88          Finno-Ugric languages
               89          Indo-European languages. Other languages

9             HISTORY

               91          World history. European history
               92          History of Finland
               93–97   Nordic history. History of other European countries
               98          History of other continents
               99          Personal and family history