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Is Something Missing?

If you need a book or a journal article that is not in the library, you can make an acquisition request or order it through our interlibrary loan services! Please note that interlibrary loans are fee based.

You can also try searching the collections of the other libraries in Turku (Åbo Akademi Library, city library, library of the Turku University of Applied Sciences):

Location of Psychology collection (Educarium)

Location in VOLTER


Educarium Psykologia

Books in Psychology

Educarium Psykoloiga Aik.

Periodicals (situated on the second floor)

Educarium Psykologia Opinnäytteet

Master's and licentiate's theses (situated on the second floor)

Educarium Psykologia Raportit

Publication series

Educarium Psykologia Varasto Closed stacks (collected while waiting)
Educarium Psykologia Virkakäyttö At the Department of Pscyhology

Google Books

Google Book Search


The e-books in Ebrary, Ellibs, Elsevier, Emerald, Oxford Scholarship Online, Palgrave Connect, Sage, Springer, Cambridge Books Online and University of California Press can even be found in Volter.


See the E-books guide for more information about e-books.

Open Access Theses and Dissertations

Open Access Books