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Information Technology

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NB! The e-books in Ebrary, Elsevier and Springer are included even in the Volter library database!

MOT Dictionaries

MOT Dictionaries include tools for everyday communication: dictionaries, proofreading and translation software.

New Printed Books

Information Technology books (Quantum Library)

Call number in Volter CONTENT Spine label
Quantum ICT AI Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning AI
Quantum ICT BE Business Economics BE
Quantum ICT BS Biological Sciences. Biochemistry BS
Quantum ICT CA Computer Architecture. Hardware CA
Quantum ICT CC Telecommunications. Computer Networks. Internet CC
Quantum ICT CG Computer Graphics. Animation CG
Quantum ICT CS Computer Science and Technology, general CS
Quantum ICT DB Data Processing. Files. Database Management Systems DB
Quantum ICT EL Electronics. Electrical Engineering EL
Quantum ICT FY Physics FY
Quantum ICT HI Human-Computer Interaction. User Interfaces HI
Quantum ICT MA Mathematics MA
Quantum ICT PG Computer Programming, Computer Programs PG
Quantum ICT PL Computer Programming Languages. Description Languages PL
Quantum ICT PR Pattern Information Processing. Computer Vision. Speech Recognition PR
Quantum ICT SC Science, general SC
Quantum ICT SE Software, general. Software Production. Operating Systems SE
Quantum ICT SQ Quality and Security of Systems. Information Security. Real time SQ
Quantum ICT ST Statistics ST
Quantum ICT TC Telecommunications Technology TC
Quantum ICT TE Technology TE
Quantum ICT VA Varia VA


Quantum s TUCS Diss. TUCS Dissertations TUCS Diss.
Quantum s TUCS Gen. Publ. TUCS General publication TUCS Gen. Publ.
Quantum s TUCS Nat. Publ. TUCS National publications TUCS Nat. Publ.
Quantum s TUCS Publ. TUCS Publications TUCS Publ.
Quantum s TUCS Tech. Rep. TUCS Technical reports TUCS Tech. Rep.