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Shelf locations of Biochemistry (Quantum Library)

Self Location in VOLTER CONTENT Spine label
Quantum Biokem. Yleistä Biochemistry, General; Biochemistry, History; Bioethics YLE
Quantum Biokem. Terveys Clinical Chemistry, Immunoassays TER
Quantum Biokem. Mikrobiol. Microbiology MIK
Quantum Biokem. Mol.biol. Molecular Biology, Biotechnology MOL
Quantum Biokem. Analytiikka Analytical Biochemistry ANA
Quantum Elint.kem. Yleistä Food Chemistry, Food Safety Supervision YLE
Quantum Elint.kem. Teknologia Food Technology, Food Processing, Food Packaging, Food Additives TEK
Quantum Elint.kem. Analytiikka Food Analysis ANA
Quantum Elint.kem. Ravitsemus Functional Food Nutrition RAV
Quantum Elint.kem. Mikrobiol. Food Microbiology, Food Hygiene MIK


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