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Turun yliopisto

Library training

Information Seeking Clinics


Each participant will receive advice on how to seek information for their search topic. After the clinic, the participants will know which databases have information and resources on their topic, as well as know how to form search strings in each of the databases.

Description In the clinic, each participant will work on their own search strategies and will get personal advice on them from the library's information specialist/s, who will go around the room advicing everyone.

Face-to-face instruction in Teutori's Sammio computer lab.

Duration 1.5 h

Information Seeking Clinics will be organised in spring 2023:

  • 17.1. at 14-16
  • 15.2. at 10-12
  • 13.3. at 16-18
  • 18.4. at 14-16
  • 15.5. at 12-14
  •  8.6.  at 10-12

Registration is now open in Konsta.

NOTE: This clinic is voluntary and not part of any mandatory courses.

Audience Researchers, doctoral researchers, postgraduate students, and students of the Faculty of Medicine.

More information

Information specialist Leeni Lehtiö
NOTE Maximum number of participants is 10.