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Research Council of Finland DMP

The process at the University of Turku following a positive funding decision from the Research Council of Finland

As a condition for the funding granted by the Research Council of Finland, the responsible researcher must submit a data management plan to the Research Council within eight weeks of receiving the positive funding decision. In addition to the researcher, both the University of Turku and the researcher's unit must also commit to the content of the plan before the funding can be accepted as received.

1.	Draft your data management plan using the DMP-Tuuli tool. 2.	Send your DMP to for evaluation by the university data services by June 30, 2024. 3.	Also, the DMP should be sent to the representative of your institution (often the head of department) 4.	After receiving feedback, make necessary revisions and send the DMP to  5.	Send the finalized plan to the controller of your faculty or department at 6.	Attach the DMP to the SARA system of the Research Council of Finland. Following this, the institutional representative approves the funding via the Research Council´s online services within eight weeks from the decision date.