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Turku University Library

History, Culture and Arts Studies

Shelf locations (Arcanum Library, 1st floor)

In the Arcanum Library, the books in the general collection are classified by subject. On the 1st floor of the library are shelf classes A-Ktr (media studies, comparative religion,  literature, art history, musicology, history)

Download Arcanum Library maps (pdf)

Call number in Volter Content
Arcanum 1 (sliding shelves) Reference books
Arcanum 2 (sliding shelves) Bibliographies
Arcanum 3 (sliding shelves) Thematic dictionaries
Arcanum A Book history. Libraries. Art of printing
Arcanum B Media studies
Arcanum C Religion
Arcanum Cha (sliding shelves) Religious literature
Arcanum Cm Study of religion
Arcanum D Philosophy. Psychology
Arcanum E Education
Arcanum F Linguistics. Dictionaries
Arcanum G History of literature
Arcanum Ga Comparative literature, theory
Arcanum Gaa Aesthetics, philosophy of art
Arcanum Gab Poetics. Folklore research
Arcanum Gb Genre research. Stylistic periods. Book reviews, essays
Arcanum Gc Creative writing. Literature pedagogy
Arcanum Gd Literature history of Finland
Arcanum Gda History of Finnish literature
Arcanum Gdaz Finnish authors
Arcanum Gdb History of Finnish Swedish-language literature
Arcanum Gdbz Finnish Swedish-language authors
Arcanum Ge History of Swedish literature
Arcanum Gf History of Danish, Norwegian and Icelandic literature
Arcanum Gh History of German and Dutch literature
Arcanum Gi History of English literature
Arcanum Gk History of French literature
Arcanum Gl History of Italian literature
Arcanum Gm History of other Romance literature
Arcanum Gn History of Slavic literature
Arcanum Gs Classical literature
Arcanum Gy History of literature in other languages
Arcanum Ha (sliding shelves) Collected works. Fiction, selections
Arcanum Hc (sliding shelves) Finnish fiction
Arcanum Hd (sliding shelves) Finnish Swedish-language fiction
Arcanum He (sliding shelves) Swedish fiction
Arcanum Hf (sliding shelves) Other Scandinavian fiction
Arcanum Hh (sliding shelves) German and Dutch fiction
Arcanum Hi (sliding shelves) English fiction
Arcanum Hk (sliding shelves) French fiction
Arcanum Hl (sliding shelves) Italian fiction
Arcanum Hm (sliding shelves) Fiction in other Romance languages
Arcanum Hn (sliding shelves) Slavic fiction
Arcanum Ho (sliding shelves) Hungarian and Estonian fiction
Arcanum Hs (sliding shelves) Greek and Roman fiction
Arcanum Hy (sliding shelves) Fiction in other languages
Arcanum I Art
Arcanum I1 Art history reference books
Arcanum I2 Philosophy, theory and methodology of art history
Arcanum I3 Institutions of art. Museum pedagogy
Arcanum Ia General art history
Arcanum Ia1 Prehistoric, ancient and medieval art
Arcanum Ia2 Modern art
Arcanum Ia3 Late modern art
Arcanum Ic Finnish art
Arcanum Ic1 Prehistoric, ancient and medieval Finnish art
Arcanum Ic2 Modern Finnish art
Arcanum Ic21 Modern Finnish visual art
Arcanum Ic22 Modern Finnish architecture
Arcanum Ic3 Late modern Finnish art
Arcanum Ic31 Late modern Finnish visual art
Arcanum Ic32 Late modern Finnish architecture
Arcanum Id Nordic, Baltic and Russian art
Arcanum Ie Other European, North American, Middle American art
Arcanum Ie1 Other Prehistoric, ancient and medieval art
Arcanum Ie2 Other modern art
Arcanum Ie21 Other modern visual art
Arcanum Ie22 Other modern architecture
Arcanum Ie3 Other late modern art
Arcanum Ie31 Other late modern visual art
Arcanum Ie32 Other late modern architecture
Arcanum If Art history of other continents
Arcanum Ig Special fields of art history, Graphic design. Typography. Comic art
Arcanum Igb Industrial art. Design. Arts and crafts. Fashion
Arcanum Igc Photography
Arcanum Ige Media art
Arcanum Ii Collection and exhibition catalogues
Arcanum Iim Museum and travel guides
Arcanum Im Musicology
Arcanum In Theatre. Dance. Performance. Circus
Arcanum Iq Film research. Television
Arcanum J Biographies. Personal history
Arcanum Jz Registers
Arcanum K1 Methodology of history
Arcanum K2 Philosophy of history
Arcanum K3 Historiography
Arcanum Ka General history
Arcanum Kaa Ancient history
Arcanum Kaac Greek history
Arcanum Kaad Roman history
Arcanum Kab History of the Middle Ages
Arcanum Kac Modern history
Arcanum Kaf Future. Futurology
Arcanum Kc Finnish history
Arcanum Kcd Finnish political and governmental history under Swedish rule
Arcanum Kcg Finnish political and governmental history under Russian rule
Arcanum Kci Finnish political and governmental history (1917-1944)
Arcanum Kcia Finnish political and governmental history (1944-)
Arcanum Kcj Finnish local history (general)
Arcanum Kcja Finnish regional and local histories
Arcanum Kck Finnish military history, civil defence, national defence
Arcanum Kco Finnish economic history, social history
Arcanum Kcoa Finnish corporate history. Working life history. History of organizations
Arcanum Kcob Finnish environmental history
Arcanum Kcp Finnish administrative and legal history
Arcanum Kcy Source material of Finnish history
Arcanum Kd Nordic history
Arcanum Kda Swedish history
Arcanum Kdb Danish, Norwegian and Icelandic history
Arcanum Ke German history
Arcanum Keg Austrian and Hungarian history
Arcanum Kf History of Great Britain and Ireland
Arcanum Kg History of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg
Arcanum Kh Swiss history
Arcanum Ki French history
Arcanum Kj History of Italy, Spain and Portugal
Arcanum Km History of Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine
Arcanum Kmc History of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
Arcanum Kn History of the Balkans, Romania, Moldova and Türkiye
Arcanum Ko History of the Middle East and Asia
Arcanum Kp African history
Arcanum Kq North American history
Arcanum Kqd History of Mexico, Middle and South America
Arcanum Kr History of Australia and Oceania
Arcanum Kt Cultural history in general
Arcanum Kta Classical culture. Byzantine culture
Arcanum Ktb Finnish cultural history. Nordic cultural history
Arcanum Kte Central European cultural history
Arcanum Ktf British and Irish cultural history
Arcanum Kti French cultural history
Arcanum Ktj Italian cultural history
Arcanum Ktm Russian and East European cultural history
Arcanum Ktn Cultural history of other European countries
Arcanum Ktq Cultural history of America
Arcanum Ktr Cultural history of other continents


Shelf locations (Arcanum Library, 2nd floor)

In the Arcanum Library, the books in the general collection are classified by subject. On the 2nd floor of the library are shelf classes L-Z (archaeology, European ethnology, museology, folkloristics, gender studies, special areas of history)

Download Arcanum Library maps (pdf)

Call number in Volter Content
Arcanum L Cultural studies, general
Arcanum L1 Methodology of cultural studies
Arcanum La Archaeology
Arcanum La1 Methodology of archaeology
Arcanum Lab European archaeology
Arcanum Lac Finnish archaeology
Arcanum Lacf Inventory reports
Arcanum Lacm Archaeology of the Baltic countries
Arcanum Lad Scandinavian archaeology
Arcanum Lada Swedish archaeology
Arcanum Ladb Danish archaeology
Arcanum Ladc Norwegian archaeology
Arcanum Ladd Icelandic archaeology
Arcanum Lae German, Austrian, Hungarian, Czech and Slovakian archaeology
Arcanum Laf Archaeology of Great Britain and Ireland
Arcanum Lag Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourgian archaeology
Arcanum Lah Swiss archaeology
Arcanum Lai French archaeology
Arcanum Lak Spanish archaeology
Arcanum Lam Eastern European archaeology
Arcanum Lan Archaeology of the Balkans, Romania, Moldova and Türkiye
Arcanum Lao Archaeology of the Middle East and Asia
Arcanum Lap Archaeology of Egypt and Africa
Arcanum Laq American archaeology
Arcanum Lar Archaeology of Australia and Oceania
Arcanum Las Archaeology of the Arctic
Arcanum Le Anthropology
Arcanum Lea Physical anthropology
Arcanum Leb The Sami
Arcanum Lec Finnish and Finno-Ugric peoples
Arcanum Led Scandinavian peoples
Arcanum Lee European peoples
Arcanum Leo Asian peoples
Arcanum Lep African peoples
Arcanum Leq American peoples
Arcanum Ler Oceanian peoples
Arcanum Les Arctic peoples
Arcanum Lf Ethnology
Arcanum Lfa Society and judiciary
Arcanum Lfb Customs and traditions
Arcanum Lfd Buildings. Habitation
Arcanum Lfda Furniture. Household utensils and decoration
Arcanum Lfdb Folk costumes and textiles
Arcanum Lfe Material culture
Arcanum Lfeg Language. Linguistic anthropology
Arcanum Lfeh Folk music. Folk dance. Folk art
Arcanum Lfo Folk livelihoods
Arcanum Lfq Food culture. Stimulants. Intoxicants
Arcanum Lk Museology. Numismatics. Heraldry
Arcanum Ly Folklore
Arcanum Lyi Popular culture
Arcanum M Geography. Travel
Arcanum My Maps
Arcanum N Jurisprudence
Arcanum O Society. Community planning. Urban research
Arcanum Oa Sociology
Arcanum Oe Labour force
Arcanum Of Gender studies. Women's studies
Arcanum Oh Groups. Youth research. Children. Family
Arcanum Oi Political history. Politics
Arcanum Oj Economic history. Economics
Arcanum Om Immigration history. Migration. Demography
Arcanum P Technology. Traffic. Trade
Arcanum S Environmental history. Environmentalism. Human-animal interaction. Natural sciences, general
Arcanum V History of medicine. Folk medicine
Arcanum X Sports
Arcanum Y Military history
Arcanum Z History of science