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Arts Studies

Important databases in Art History

Resources on Related Topics

Selection of journals in Art History

Shelf classes of Art History

Teutori I  General aesthetics and philosophy of art
Teutori I 1 Reference works on art history
Teutori I 2 Philosophy, theory and methodology of art history
Teutori I 3 Art institutions. Museology. Museum pedagogy, art education. Politics of art.
Teutori Ia General art history
Teutori Ia1 Prehistoric, ancient and medieval art (-1500)
Teutori Ia2 Modern age art (1500-)
Teutori Ia3 Contemporary art (1800-)
Teutori Ic Art history of Finland
Teutori Ic1 Prehistoric, ancient and medieval art (-1500)
Teutori Ic2 Modern age art (1500-)
Teutori Ic21 Visual arts
Teutori Ic22 Architecture
Teutori Ic3 Contemporary art (1800-)
Teutori Ic31 Visual arts
Teutori Ic32 Architecture
Teutori Id Art history of Nordic Countries, Baltic Countries and Russia
Teutori Ie Art history of other European countries, North America and Middle America
Teutori Ie1 Prehistoric, ancient and medieval art (-1500)
Teutori Ie2 Modern age art (1500-)
Teutori Ie21 Visual arts
Teutori Ie22 Architecture
Teutori Ie3 Contemporary art (1800-)
Teutori Ie31 Visual arts
Teutori Ie32 Architecture
Teutori If Art history of other continents
Teutori Ig Special fields of art history
Teutori Igb Industrial design and art handicraft
Teutori Igc Photography
Teutori Ige Media art, sound art
Teutori Ii Catalogues of collections and exhibitions
Teutori Iim Museum and travel guides. Maps
Teutori Hum aik Periodicals

Please note, that these are the shelf locations of Teutori Library. More books can be found in the Feeniks Library.

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