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Research Data

Research Data

Research data is data created during the research process. Research data can be used for justifying or reproduce the research results. Different kinds of research data include:

  • measurements
  • data collected by surveys and interviews
  • recordings and videos
  • research diaries
  • notes
  • programmes and source codes created during the research
  • source materials collected by the researcher (e.g. biological samples, artefacts, text samples)
  • data created using earlier data

Image source: Advanced Information Research Skills (AIRS), Library, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) (CC BY-NA-SA).

Academy of Finland’s September call: guidance in data management

DMPTuuli workshops in September 2019

In the DMPTuuli workshops, we will concentrate on the best practices of research data management and hands-on training of data management planning (DMP). During the workshop we will go through the general structure of a DMP and give tips on what to write to the different sections. The workshops will be held in computer classes, where you can work with your own DMP with the help of experts from Library, IT-services and Legal department. Bring your grant application files with you and you will be able to start filling in your plan! Events are open for all UTU researchers, postgraduate students and staff members.

Natural sciences (in English)
Time: Friday 13th September, 9:00-11:00
Place: Quantum Q111
Please, fill out the form to attend 12th September at 12:00 at the latest :

If the workshop time is inconvenient, please contact to ask for a webinar.

DMP guidance by email

Turku University Library provides commenting service for researchers who wish their data management plan (DMP) to be checked and commented.
Please, email your DMP at the latest 18 September to The sooner the better. Plans are handled in arrival order.

Help with publication plan

Academy of Finland requires that Academy-funded projects see to that the scientific publications in which the project’s results are published are open-access. Library will help you to make a publication plan which promotes open access: send your publication plan to the address  and the library will check that the Academy requirements for openness will be fulfilled.
Please, email your plan at the latest 18 September to The sooner the better.

More information on DMP and RDM:

Research Data and the Data Policy of the University of Turku

The data policy of the University of Turku describes the University-level principles and policies that are related to the collection, use and management of research data. The data policy of the University concerns only digital data.

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