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Research Data

Data Protection

In research, data protection refers to the careful and planned handling of the research participants’ personal data. Unnecessary collection of personal data should be avoided. The information has to be protected so that outsiders cannot access it. Request more information on the University’s data protection from

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Informing Research Participants and Consent

Informing research participants is an important part of the life cycle of research data. Careful informing and sufficient consent form a basis for ethical and legal research as well as for long-term research projects. In addition to the participants and research group, informing is also significant for the background organisation, science community, organisation archiving the data as well as for the further user of data. More information: Data management guidelines of the Finnish Social Science Data Archive

More information on asking for consent from the participants and e.g. models for the consent form are available on the University’s Legal Affairs unit’s intranet pages as well as on the website of the Finnish Social Science Data Archive. More information on the permissions and guidance in clinical research is available on the website of the Turku Clinical Research Centre.