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The archive of The Wall Street Journal, years 1900-1983, is on trial until May 28, 2021. You can access the archive via link: The Wall Street Journal.

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There are many publishers that are offering trials of their resources at the moment

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Passport (GMID, Euromonitor)

includes surveys, statistics and analysis on industries, products, consumers and countries. Coverage is global, more than 200 countries are researched.

Database covers for example information on following consumer products and services:
Alcoholic Drinks – Apparel and Footwear – Beauty and Personal Care – Consumer Appliances –  Consumer Electronics – Consumer Health –  Eyewear –  Fresh Food –  Health and Wellness –  Home and Garden –  Home Care –  Hot Drinks –  Packaged Food –  Personal Accessories –  Pet Care –  Soft Drinks –  Tissue and Hygiene –  Tobacco –  Toys and Games –  Consumer Finance –  Consumer  Foodservice –  Retailing –  Travel

Consumer information is separated into five different categories: Digital Consumer – Households – Income and Expenditure – Lifestyles – Population


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Terms of Use

Please note! Only for students and staff of the University of Turku.


Orbis has information on more than 360 million companies across the globe: company data, ownership structures, financials, annual reports, news, etc. . 

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Terms of Use

Please note! Only for students and staff of the University of Turku.

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