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Statista database – statistics, market data, consumer surveys

Various worldwide statistics, market data and consumer surveys can be found in Statista database. Statista collects material from over 22 500 different sources, including open access information as well as data from companies like market analysis firms. In Statista, you can find single statistics as well as statistic dossiers that you can use to gain insights in a topic of your choice. You can also access the original sources.

Access to Statista via Volter

MSCI ESG Ratings platform is on trial until Mar 31st, 2023

MSCI’s ESG is an online research platform for evaluating environmental, social and governance (ESG) data, content and analysis at the company, industry and thematic report level. MSCI ESG Ratings aim to measure a company’s management of financially relevant ESG risks and opportunities.

MSCI ESG Ratings


There are many publishers that are offering trials of their resources at the moment

Please, give us feedback with a feedback form if there are any resources you would like to have for long term use!

THE ECONOMIST is available both as printed and as electronic journal. You can read The Economist via distant use when you have logged in to Volter with your utu-credentials.

The printed journal is subscribed to the Turku School Economics Library. Current year issues are on the periodical shelf but current year issues are not borrowed.

The Economist is available via Volter database

Kaisu, the new joint Institutional Repository of the Bank of Finland and the Financial Supervisory Authority, is now open. Kaisu includes publications of Bank of Finland, Bank of Finland Historical Archives and Financial Supervisory Authority.  

  • The Bank of Finland publishes analyses on the domestic and international economy and on financial markets.
  • The Research Unit publishes scientific studies focusing on interaction and stability of financial markets and the macro economy.
  • Bank of Finland Institute for Emerging Economies (BOFIT) produces research and analysis reports on the economies of Russia and China.
  • The Bank of Finland digitises archive material, mainly from around 100 years ago, mainly meeting minutes and some special collections.
  • The Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) issues press releases, studies, analyses and statistics in the fields of finance and insurance.

Check out the new institutional repository

Interested in patent databases? See Libray's patents-guide

More information in Finnish Patent and Registration Office's webpage:

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Competitor monitoring


Information seeking

MOT Dictionaries

MOT Dictionaries include tools for everyday communication: dictionaries, proofreading and translation software.