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EU Documentation Centres in Finland

Suomen EU-tietopalvelut - EU dokumentationscentrum i Finland - EU Documentation Centres in Finland


The main source of information on EU legislation is the Official Journal of the European Union (OJ). The L series contains legislation and the C series Information, notices and preparatory EU legislation. Issues of the L and C series since 1952 are available in the EU legal database EUR-Lex. The journal also publishes the supplement S series containing calls for tenders. The S series is available in Ted - Tenders Electronic Daily database.

The index for legislation is available in the EUR-Lex database under Directory of European Union legislation in force. The founding treaties of the European Union can also be found in EUR-Lex as well as the European Commission document series, the legal praxis of the European court of justice and the consolidated legislation of the collection.

You can search the national statutes databases of the EU member states via the N-Lex-portal. The portal also contains information on the content of these national databases and the different search possibilities. When searching in a foreign language the multilingual EuroVoc thesaurus can be helpful.

Legislative proposals

Legislative proposals are available in EUR-Lex, and OEIL databases. Commission legislative proposals, so-called COM documents are numbered according to year and issue, for example, COM (96) 120.

Minutes of parliamentary meetings, resolutions, written questions and committee reports and other documents since 2001 are available in the European Parliament Register of Documents.

Statements and other documents of the Economic and Social Commission are available at their homepage. The statements and other documents of the Committee of Regions are available in the public register.

Commission proposals (EUR-Lex)

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All Parliament and Council legislation (EUR-Lex)

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