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Open Access Publishing

Open Publishing in the University of Turku

According to the Publication Policy of the University of Turku open access must be granted to the scientific publications produced at the University if allowed by the terms of the publisher.

You can publish openly at the University of Turku's repositories:

Instructions for publishing in UTUPub:

Publishing Openly

Open Access publishing means that the publication is available online free of charge. Different forms of open access publishing are:

  • publishing in an open access journal (Golden OA, the publisher provides the free access, the author retains copyright)
  • paying for opening your article in a traditional subscription based journal (Hybrid OA)
  • parallel publishing in an open publication archive, e.g. in university's own archive (requires permit from the publisher) (Green OA)
  • parallel publishing on a web page (self-archiving, requires permit)
  • publishing openly after an embargo (= publishing delay) (Delayed OA)

When you use articles published via Green OA, please note that the articles are not necessarily exactly the same as in the published version (e.g. the page numbers might be different).

How Does the Researcher Benefit from Open Access Publishing?

  • The visibility and accessibility of research are improved.
  • Search engines find open access articles well.
  • Probability of being cited increases.
  • The quality of research improves.
  • Accelerates innovations based on research results.

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