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Publishing a Doctoral Dissertation

Publishing a Doctoral Dissertation

If you want to publish your dissertation at the university, you can publish it in the Annales series, in some other series of the university or as a single monograph.

Publishing in the Annales series

Publishing in other series of the university or as a single monograph

You can also publish your dissertation outside the university (e.g. with a commercial publisher). If the publisher allows it, you can still deposit your dissertation in the University of Turku repository as a parallel publication.

Electronic dissertation must meet accessibility requirements.

Privacy Notice Library publication services

Guidelines for the Doctoral Candidate and Guidelines for the Distribution of Theses

Abstract and Summary

All doctoral theses must have an abstract both in English and Finnish (Abstract / Tiivistelmä). If you cannot write/speak Finnish please contact your supervisor for assistance. In addition, there can be an abstract in any other language. At the end of the dissertation there can be a larger summary in any language (e.g. Summary / Zuzammenfassung / Sammanfattning / Suomenkielinen lyhennelmä). This kind of summary is not compulsory.

How to get permissions for articles from publishers

You must have a permission of the copyright holder to use your original artices as a part of your article-based doctoral thesis. Often, copyright rights have been transferred to the article's publisher in the publication agreement. The publication agreement may include a statement allowing the use of the article as part of the dissertation. If it is not clear from the publication agreement whether the article can be used as part of the dissertation, permission for the use of the article can often be requested through the RightsLink service. RightsLink is used by most international publishers and is a quick and easy way for requesting permissions. RightsLink is a service provided by the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC). If the publisher uses this service, it is the only way to obtain permission to use the article. Permission is only needed only for the printed version of the dissertation since original articles are not published in the UtuPub publication archive.

If you have published your article openly, you can check the publisher's author guidelines or the RightsLink service to see if using the article as part of the dissertation is allowed. Most often, open-access articles can be included in the dissertation without applying for permission.


The accompanying video provides guidance on using the RightsLink service. Below the video embed, you will find the same instructions in text format.

Video (Youtube): How to use RightsLink-service ( kesto 01:56 min)


Using RightsLink

  1. Retrieve the article information on the publisher's platform.
  2. In the article details, there is often a button that takes you to the service. The button's name varies by publisher and may be labeled as Permissions, Request permission, Get rights and content, or similar.
  3. Clicking the button opens the RightsLink page, where you will be asked for various additional information, such as the intended use, which part of the work is being requested, and who the requester is. The questions may vary from journal to journal. Request permission to use the article as part of your dissertation.
  4. The doctoral candidate must apply for permission personally; it cannot be applied for on behalf of someone else.
  5. The permission will either be sent to your email or displayed on the screen. You can take a screenshot of the permission.
  6. Almost always, permission is granted free of charge for the printed version of the dissertation.
  7. If the article has an open science license, such as a Creative Commons CC BY license, you do not need to apply for permission separately. You can verify this through the RightsLink service.