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Turku University Library

Publishing a Doctoral Dissertation

ISBN, ISSN and the serial number

After signing the publishing agreement, please fill in the request form for the ISBN, ISSN and the serial number:

We will answer your request with an e-mail. Please forward the serial number, the ISBN and the ISSN to your printing company . The printing company will make the covers, the title page and the loose leaf according to your instructions (cover models). The university contract printing houses have already all the needed models.

Ask the printing company to send you the proofs of the covers, the back text, the title page and the loose leaf and send them for checking to the library. The library will review that the bibliographic information of the dissertation is correct before printing. Doctoral students at the faculty of Medicine (series D) should also send proofs to their faculty office by email The faculty will check the affiliation information of the thesis. Once the proofs have been checked, you can proceed with the printing.

If you publish your dissertation only in electronic form, the dissertation has no covers. Please prepare the dissertation's title page and backside according to the model.

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