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Turku University Library

Publishing a Doctoral Dissertation

Selecting format and printing house

You can publish your dissertation in the Annales series in

  • both printed and electronic form (most common)
  • only in electronic form or
  • only in printed form.

If you are going to publish your dissertation in the Annales series in printed form, you can contact the printing house well before receiving the permission to defend the doctoral dissertation. In order to be eligible for the financial support for printing, you need to use the University's tendered printing houses. Discuss the publishing timetable and format with the printing house.

On the basis of tendering, the suppliers have been selected in the following order of priority:

  1. Painosalama Oy
    contact person: Tero Kylä-Junnila,, p. 02 241 0105
  2. Punamusta Oy
    contact person: Timo Peltoniemi,, p. 040 774 1277
  3. Grano Oy
    contact person: Joakim Sjöström,, p. 050 421 0918

Please ensure the dissertation’s possible publication permissions (e.g. for the articles in an article-based dissertation) well beforehand while completing the manuscript. When making a publishing contract with the publisher, make sure that you have the right to republish your article as part of your dissertation or, if the publisher sets a time limit for republication (embargo), it is not in conflict with the planned schedule of your dissertation defence. If the publication permission is not included in the publishing contract, you can also request a permission from the publisher afterwards. The largest publishers offer e.g. the RightsLink service on their website.

The printing costs is made up of:

  • number of pages
  • number of images and corrections and adjustments made to the images
  • corrections required by the text – Word documents produced as well as possible save the graphic designer’s time Use the Annales series’ Word templates and styles. 
  • number of corrections/proofs One round of corrections is included in the price. Send proofread and corrected materials for layout. The printing house charges an hourly rate for extra rounds of corrections.