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Electronic Exams: Student instructions

E-exam rooms instructions on coronavirus situation

According to the recommendation for using face masks on the campus of the University of Turku face masks are always used in the e-exam rooms. If mask gets wet during the exam, student can replace it with a new one.  Students can take a mask available in the e-exam rooms or use their own masks.  In the e-exam rooms there are masks available, as well as hand disinfectants and disinfecting hand wipes.  Remember to wash or disinfect your hands before putting on a clean mask.

During this recommendation for using face masks, student can also bring a water bottle to the e-exam rooms (bottle without label).

Recommendation on the use of face masks for citizens on THL's websitePlease send any further inquiries and questions primarily by email to

The student have to wash hands and wipe down with disinfecting hand wipes the keyboard, mouse and the surfaces they might touch before beginning the exam. Safety distance in E-exam rooms is taken into account.

If the student is feeling sick, the exam must be postponed. If the student cannot take the reserved exam, the booking must  be cancelled or changed immediately so that examination time is available for other students.

Entrances of the University buildings are locked. Students' access right are in force between 7am and 10pm (also in the weekends and holidays). E-exam rooms are allways locked and students can entered only with the access card (student card or print access these have to be activated earlier).  The front doors of the buildings students can find the phone number, if card access to the front door don´t work (mon-fri 8.00-15.30).

If you don´t have access card you can retrieve card from IT-services desk  on weekdays from 8 am to 3 pm and activate a printer access at the any of the multifunctional devices (access and print right).

For students belonging to the risk groups for coronavirus disease: In the Exam rooms are use safe distances, increased cleaning and hand hygiene. If using the exam rooms is not safe enough for you, please contact the in advance Accessibility Planning: and you must produce documentation of belonging to a risk group (e.g. a doctor’s note).  The special arrangements cannot be requested due to fear of coronavirus infection. In addition, living with a family member who belongs to a risk group is not sufficient grounds for special arrangements. Accessibility Planning create recommendation to use of Exam room for the special accomodations or alternative assessment methods, that you must agree with teacher.


More information:

What is electronic exam and Exam -system?

Terms and Conditions

When you use the electronic exam service, you have to agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. In an electronic exam, the users have to comply with the University of Turku Regulation on Studies.
  2. The student agrees that the information of the access control system, video surveillance and examination system can be used to confirm the identity of the student: register for video surveillance at the University of Turku  
  3. Register for data protection at the University of Turku
  4. The electronic exams comply with the terms of use of the computer services of the University of Turku.
  5. University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University EXAM system accessibility statement