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Publishing a Doctoral Dissertation

The Series Turun yliopiston julkaisuja - Annales Universitatis

Publications of the University of Turku – Annales Universitatis Turkuensis (“the Annales series”) publishes University of Turku doctoral dissertations. There is no actual application procedure for the series since all doctoral dissertations that are given the permission to publish at the University of Turku are automatically accepted to the series.

The Annales series is divided into the following subseries depending on the discipline of the dissertation (the series C is no longer used):

Sarja/Ser. AI: Astronomica - Chemica - Physica - Mathematica
ISSN 0082-7002 (Print), ISSN 2343-3175 (Online)
- Doctoral dissertations in mathematics, astronomy, chemistry and physics
Sarja/Ser. AII: Biologica - Geographica - Geologica
ISSN 0082-6979 (Print), ISSN 2343-3183 (Online)
- Doctoral dissertations in biosciences, geography and geology
Sarja/Ser. B: Humaniora
ISSN 0082-6987 (Print), ISSN 2343-3191 (Online)
- Doctoral dissertations in humanities, social sciences, educational sciences and law
Sarja/Ser. D: Medica - Odontologica
ISSN 0355-9483 (Print), ISSN 2343-3213 (Online)
- Dissertations in medicine (incl. biomedicine), dentistry and nursing science
Sarja/Ser E: Oeconomica
ISSN 2343-3159 (Print), ISSN 2343-3167 (Online)
- Dissertations of the Turku School of Economics
Sarja/Ser F: Technica - Informatica
ISSN 2736-9390 (Print), ISSN 2736-9684  (Online)
- Technology and IT 


Steps in Annales-publishing process

1. Selecting the format and the printing company
2. Making the publishing agreement with the library
3. ISBN, ISSN, the series number and the verification of the covers
4. Sending the dissertation to the library and the distribution of the final dissertation

Contact Information

Postal address:

Turku University Library
Annales-series (Educarium library)

Phone 029 450 3712; +358-50-353 7684; (inside university also 3721)

Visiting address:

Turku University Library
Educarium library (Assistentinkatu 5)

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